Mother and brother of those killed in Pakistan return to Barcelona, ​​guarded by police


The Pakistani consul in Barcelona reported that she received a distress message from the mother saying she believed her life was “in danger” and contacted the local Pakistani police.

slain sisters
slain sisters
  • Announcement Mother of Teresa sisters killed in Pakistan reveals they were betrayed by family

Mirza Salam, Consul General of Pakistan in Barcelona said that mother and a brother Two of the young girls who lived in Teresa (Barcelona) and were murdered by their relatives, will travel from Islamabad to Barcelona “in two or three days”,

The consul has explained that he received mother distress message He said he believed his life was “in danger” and contacted the local Pakistani police.

In these moments, he assures, mother and child Security is being done by six policemen And they both have passports.

other people Two brothers and girl’s uncle imprisoned in PakistanWhile the father is in Spain and is interrogated by Mossos along with other relatives to determine whether there is any sad trip forced Of the sisters killed.

The consul has assured that he is Generalitat. very grateful for Both because of the Mossos d’Esquadra investigation in Terrassa and because of what was provided by the administration mother and son of a dwelling And a job “so that they can move on with their lives with the resources.”

Salam warned that the investigation The matter is under secret order in PakistanHe does however point to some innovations: “The main hypothesis of the Pakistani Police is that it was uncle, father’s brother, plan architect“And supposed to take them into the country, kill them.

It is also learned that Mother witnessed at least one of the two murderswho were accompanied by a shotgun in both cases.

Greetings! It is not clear whether the mother was in the same room or not. where she was shot but it is assured that when the police arrived the agents found the woman “locked”.

The consul, who arrived in Barcelona less than six months ago, also told that police came to the house Shots followed within minutes after being alerted by nearby neighbors.

The police treated the mother and shifted to a hotel in islamabadWhile the child had to wait a few more hours to be in police custody. Salaam has shown pictures of mother-son meeting to the media.

He has said of her that she is “very bad”. “In a few hours From having five children to approx. It is done To return to Barcelona with only one”, he explained.

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