Mother of Teresa sisters killed in Pakistan reveals they were betrayed by family


Mosos takes woman’s statement electronically after talking to father

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  • Arrangement Mother witnessed the murder of Terasa sisters in Pakistan at the hands of her other brother

Azra Bibi, mother of Aroz Abbas You Anissa AbbasiSurprised to see his daughters Pakistan, She knew that they did not love their husbands, who they have in this country, and therefore did not know that they were going to travel to the village where they had died a few hours after their arrival. so i said Mosos d’Esquadra In a telematic announcement that he is still in his home country, along with a minor son, in police custody because he has received threats from his family.

The woman’s statement, advanced by Ser and corroborated by means, supports the thesis that the victims, neighbors Roofthey betrayed their country in which they were tortured and murdered by his family To be separated from their husbands, who were their cousins, and thus did not want to do the paperwork so that they could come to Spain.

In this sense, from Pakistan Consulate in Barcelona It is noted that the relatives of the victims told them that their brother was getting married and that their mother was ill and so they left. On the 19th they arrived and on the 20th they killed him by suffocation with a handkerchief and then shot him. Before he was tortured for changing his mind. One of his brothers and an uncle have confessed to being criminals, though six are incarcerated and a search is on for three others.

According to Dawn newspaper, the mother had come to the country months ago and was caught by relatives and could not communicate with her daughters, so she was surprised to see them coming. Mossos is investigating whether the victims were forced into marriage, although the consulate indicates that the marriage took place with the consent of women who lived with their husbands for some time before arriving. She was RoofIt is therefore believed that it was not a forced marriage that was punished in the Spanish Penal Code.

The victims had not lived with their father for months and even started new relationships, which was not accepted by one of their brothers, who also attacked the partner of one of them. Police have also questioned the women’s surroundings, such as relatives, acquaintances, friends and one of their lovers, and are now trying to find out if they were forced into marriage because crime is investigated in pakistan And defendants face sentences ranging from 25 years to the death penalty.

Agents have taken statements from father on several occasions murder of women who say he was unaware that they were in Pakistan, He had nothing to do with her since he left the house. its owner in a grocery store RoofOf course, the Ulfat king also testified before Mossos and assured in an interview with Europa Press that a brother allegedly killed his sisters on 20 May because “he did not admit that they were married and in Spain.” He had other companions”; that this, another brother and mother they went to pakistan on holidayAnd that when his sisters went there to visit the family in May, they allegedly had their passports cut off so that they could not return and were killed in their uncles’ homes.

Of the alleged killer, she said that he worked with her in the shop, that he was a very nice guy, was shy and “loves his sisters.” “I don’t know what happened that day, why did he get so mad that it finally got out of hand. I still can’t believe it. .. is very strong”, highlighted Moreover, he said that two or three years ago one of the brothers stabbed his sister’s lover because she had a husband in Pakistan and did not accept the relationship.

She also told that the girls had left their parents’ home a year earlier, that the father had no relationship with them and that when she learned of the crime, he asked her if he was involved: ” I told him that if he knew something and lied, they were going to catch him, but he said he had nothing to do with it. I don’t think he takes any responsibility. I trust him. “

Feminist organizations have said a Concentration in Terasa On Thursday in protest against this crime. The government said it would approve a framework protocol to address all forms of sexist violence, including forced marriage. This protocol would classify forced marriages in the area of ​​”sexist violence” and not “cultural customs” as in the previous document. According to Efe, the Department of Equality and Feminism seeks to develop actions to prevent and combat forced marriages in Catalonia, with professionals mentoring and training how to detect them beyond police harassment. Well, as a result of the Teresa case, Mosos has received several alerts in recent days about possible cases of forced marriage that they are investigating

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