Mother witnessed the murder of Terasa sisters in Pakistan at the hands of her other brother


Woman under police protection due to threats from family

Arrested for killing sisters
Arrested for killing sistersEFE
  • Arrangement Relatives of Teresa’s young women confirm she was murdered after being “trap” to go to Pakistan

The crime of Teresa, Aroz Abbas and Anissa Abbas’s neighbors, wanted to be separated from the sisters of Pakistani nationality in their country with whom they were forcibly married, despite the fact that it could also be a punishment for the family. Among the physical authors of his death is a brother of the victims.

The mother of the deceased, Azra Bibi, was in her country for some time as she had gone to look after her minor child, who lived with two others. However, as published in the Dawn newspaper, as soon as she reached her village, Nothia, her family locked her in a room, kept her in solitary confinement without talking to their daughters, and threatened her. Everything indicates that Aruj and Anissa were tricked into coming to this country when they were told that their mother was about to die.

Once there, and seeing that it was a trap, the family pressured the sisters to take their husbands to Spain, with whom they had been forcibly married some time ago. He refused and asked for a divorce, for which he was abused by his family, including his brothers, in order to change his mind. It also made them ugly that they had relationships with other men in Spain and that they dressed in a western manner.

Eventually the women suffocated with a handkerchief around their neck and were shot. The death occurred hours after his arrival in Pakistan. The crime seems to have been committed in the presence of the mother, supposedly to teach her a lesson for refusing to continue the forced marriages of her daughters. For this reason, after burying the daughters, a relative took the mother to save her because they feared for her life and now she is in police custody. In addition, he approached the Spanish embassy in the Asian country with the intention of being able to travel to Europe as soon as possible. He has a minor son in this country and another in Spain.

There are six prisoners in Pakistan for the crime, including two brothers of the victims, as well as uncle and cousin, and three others are wanted for their alleged involvement. Meanwhile, in Spain, the Teresa prosecutor’s office is investigating whether someone from the environment in their hometown of the victims was able to trap them. Mossos d’Esquadra has taken a statement from the father of Arroz Abbas and Anisa Abbas, who explained that he had not had contact with them for a long time, as they had left home, as well as a brother and an uncle.

Police questioned others related to the family, such as the owner of the shop where the father works, who confirmed that he had no contact with his daughters for a long time. Furthermore, he explained that he was unaware that they were in Pakistan, so he believed he had “no responsibility” for what happened, as he had known them for years and trusted them. We do. He was also surprised by the fact that one of the older brothers, who lived in Teresa, was one of the perpetrators of the murder, as “he loved his sisters very much”. Father could again testify in the police station. In Pakistan, the pre-trial custody of suspects expires at the end of next week.

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