MotoGP: Enia Bastianini wins again and snatches World Championship


Young Italian wins Le Mans while Quartaro can’t make it to the podium and the other contenders, Bagnia, Meir and Rins, go down

Bastianini during a race at Le Mans.
Bastianini during a race at Le Mans.yoan ​​valatiEFE
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Enya Bastianini, a 24-year-old nearly debuting in MotoGP with last year’s bike, was owned by a satellite team that was on the verge of disappearing a few months ago. You alex aspergar, a 32-year-old veteran who had never won a world championship until this year and who rides a bike with the lowest budget at the championships. they . are the main rivals of fabio quartaro In the title fight. They prove the irregularity of the generation that now rules the motorcycle.

Thief Marc Marquez Still physically exhausted, the defending champion is lonely, very lonely, in practically every race. You don’t need to be the best, you don’t even need to be the best version of yourself. With just one win and two podiums in seven races, Quartaro dominates the general classification with a wide advantage over those who challenge him, i.e., Francesco Bagnaia, jack miller, joan miro You lex rinsenot to mention Pol Espargar or your partner Franco Morbidelli,

This Sunday at Le Mans, at home, the Frenchman wanted to win and finished fourth. A terrifying start led him to eighth place behind Mrikaze himself, and only the misfortunes of the others kept him a step away from the podium, where he could not even climb. Alex Aspargar took her by the side, and took away that position of prestige from her; The victory went to Bastianini and Miller got second place.

Quartaro Advantage

The Italian’s third victory of the season particularly highlighted the lack of champion contenders in his brand, Ducati. He was able to pass Miller without protest, but what happened to Bagania, the leader of the Italian factory, was particularly bloody. The young Bastianini overtook him and soon after Bagania went very slowly, alone, to the ground. Both, and Rins and Meir, who crashed, left them free to win again, on an erratic course, in which they combined successes with races finishing in the top 10. On the podium Bastianini celebrated with plenty of Asperger’s, while Quartaro lowered his garage blind.

The French’s displeasure was in stark contrast to the progress made to be champions again this year. He wanted to win and was again annoyed by the top speed of his Yamaha, but it was actually a remarkable day for him. Considering their pace during the season, the difficulties that Alex Asperger and Bastianini would face due to their circumstances and their teams, their advantage is now exaggerated. Rins are already on 33 points and Bagnia and Mir are on 45 points. It was proved again at Le Mans that the irregularity of his generation elevates the Quartaro.

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