MotoGP: Interview with Joan Meir: “I must work so much risk to live as long as I want”


Suzuki’s fear leaves a MotoGP champion without a team for the season, but he is not excited. With his calm character, he considers offers and analyzes his future, even beyond MotoGP

Joan Meir posing in Suzuki's garage.
Joan Meir posing in Suzuki’s garage.MotoGP
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“I had no doubts about it at all. The news was hard, very ‘overwhelming’. First they told us and then the rest of the team in a meeting we stayed for. It was in the workers,” says joan miro About the shocking news of the MotoGP World Championship: Suzuki, their brand, caters to the visually impaired. At the end of this season it will no longer exist and for this reason, Mir is currently looking for accommodation for next year. The Japanese managers managed the decision in the worst possible way, without warning anyone, not even the team leaders, Mir’s own renovation nearly stalled and despite this the 2020 MotoGP champion is not elevated. . “If they made the decision so early, it was for a bigger reason,” he justifies. Even in Portimao a few weeks ago he was worried about a rival, jack millerThe one who had just slammed him to the ground: this is the character of Mir.

He realizes that he never breaks the plate.
I have a character too. If we don’t work well as a team, I get angry if I can’t give 100% in a race. It bothered me a lot, for example, in Brno last year when he threw me [Iker] lecuonaBecause the circumstances were different from the accident with Miller.
In any case, his tone is given little importance in MotoGP.
Yes, but this is normal. The fight sells more, is more morbid and gives more play than two pilots making peace.
In the same sense, it has never been well-liked on social networks, but has been shown less and less. Just four strictly professional things.
It’s not something I had planned for, but it is. I value my time, my privacy, my family very much. Other pilots like to highlight what they do and get more followers with it than with their results. Not me. I think it’s my character too. The one who follows me does what I do with the bike and that’s it.
For the type of family, with so many trips… Is it hard to find a place to call home?
Yes, a lot, so I value time at home. We travel a lot and this year more than ever. I was talking to a mechanic about it today: We’ve had six races and it looks like we have half a season. Qatar, Indonesia, Argentina, the United States … we do not stop. So when a degree is over, all I want is to get home, leave the phone in a corner and go for a walk, go shopping, go to the movies. Make a normal life with me.
A few months back he had invested in Tatell chain restaurants. Start thinking about where to use the earned money?
I’m interested, I’m interested. I really like to inform myself, I’ve made some real estate investments and I think it’s important for my future. In my family they have already done this: what was earned, was invested. I am clear that the sports career only lasts a few years and in the end all the risks I take have to serve to live as I want when I retire.
When it comes to money, are you worried about your future in MotoGP without Suzuki?
I am in the market, that is the reality. Thank god I have offers. i had to sign [con Suzuki] And now my manager has a job. Logically I would like everything to be fine as soon as possible.
What inspiration this year knowing that the team is not going to continue?
Difficult to manage. Somehow, the motivation is to finish as best as possible to see if we can fight for the title. Maybe a slowdown in the team will be normal, although I think we all want this particular project to end well.
He has been claiming his 2020 title’s worth for a long time, despite a few races and his absence due to Covid Marc MarquezBut… if that were your only MotoGP World Championship, would you be satisfied with your career?
No, because I know I will be able to earn more and because it would be great to win in a normal year. But the 2020 World Cup means a lot to me. I understand the question, but this is a title that had to be won when it had to be won, with regularity, by attacking. It was a very unusual year, but every time I think about it I give it more credit, not less.
It was a World Cup won with only one victory, but with multiple podiums. Somehow, something hysterical. If it happens again, they will say you won ‘Ae Lo Mir’.
If it means winning consistently, that’s fine for me. When talking about my World Cup, things are given importance, but it is never said that I won with Suzuki, that I had not won for 20 years, for example. I dislike it because I am not given credit. I’m 24, I have two world cups at the moment [gan en Moto3 en 2017] And I’m still fighting for more. I hope it will be treated differently in the future.

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