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Movierulz 2021: Movierulz website Movies All you need to know about 4movierulz.as:

Movierulz is a torrent site that allows the public to download pirated movies online. Movierulz allows users to upload pirated versions of Hindi and Tamil films. Movierulz has allowed movies to leak despite strict government regulations. Movierulz allows users to download movies in HD or cam from the internet and contains many movies from different film industries. Producers and actors have asked audiences to refrain from encouraging piracy through websites like Movierulz, and instead watch movies in cinemas. Disclaimer: This content is provided for informational purposes only. The Times of India does not claim ownership of it. The Times of India doesn’t support or encourage piracy in any way.

4movierulz.as Movierulz Website: Movierulzz 2021 Latest Movies HD Download on Movierulz.com: Movierulzz Website Leaks Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Bollywood Movies Online:

3movierulz is an open torrent that allows you to upload pirated movies and TV series online. They upload Hollywood, Bollywood and Tamil movies. You can see many options once you open the website.



It includes A1 Express, Vakeel Saab, Climax, Chaavu, Kaburu Challaga, Naandhi, Gaali Sampath, Kshana Kshanam, Vittalwadi, Wild Dog, Sreekaram, Zombie Reddy, Pranavam, Kapatadhaari, MMof, Salt, etc.

To keep up with the latest news and updates, visit this website often. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. Keep checking back for the next update.

First, the site offers a variety of options. You can choose which language you want to see: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, or Bollywood.

We may also find an option for Hollywood, Bollywood and Tamil as we move along, each arranged according the years. For those who want a dubbed version, there are two additional options.

Movierulz, an illegal pirate website, is most well-known for its collection Bollywood and Hollywood movies. There is also a huge collection of Tamil and Telugu movies, web series, and videos.

Movierulz is an illegal pirate website that allows you to download or watch movies and web series. It is a crime.

You will see many categories at the top of Movierulz. This includes Hollywood, Bollywood and Tamil, Telugu. Malayalam. Others, Genres. Dvdrip.

Movierulz, an illegal pirate website, has recently leaked many movies such as Vakeel Saab and A1 Express.

Option, which is located to the right of the dialogue box, allows us to search for Bengali and Punjabi Movies.

The movies are chronologically separated in each dialogue box. It is easy to use and well organized. You can search alphabetically for the film. Searches can be made from 0-9, or individually by using the alphabets.

You can also search for genres in a separate dialogue box. Here you will find animation, action, adventure, comedy, crime documentary, drama family, fantasy film-noir and game show.


3movierulz How to Download or Watch Online Movies and TV Series from Movierulz

You will need to understand the process of downloading any movie, tv show, or other entertainment content. Many people are looking for a way to download movies for free. You won’t have to worry if you don’t know how to download the movie.

  • http://3movierulz.cr/  – Previous domain of movierulz
  • http://3movierulz.gr/  – Previous domain of movierulz
  • http://3movierulz.gy/  – Previous domain of movierulz
  • http://3movierulz.link/  – Previous domain of movierulz 
  • http://4movierulz.cc/  – Previous domain of movierulz
  • http://4movierulz.ch/  – Previous domain of movierulz
  • http://4movierulz.li/  – Previous domain of movierulz
  • http://4movierulz.net  – Previous domain of movierulz
  • http://4movierulz.plz/  – Previous domain of movierulz
  • http://4movierulz.tv/  – Previous domain of movierulz
  • http://movierulz2.co/  – Previous domain of movierulz 
  • https://3movierulz.123unblock.info  – Previous domain of movierulz
  • https://3movierulz.in  – Previous domain of movierulz
  • https://3movierulz.mrunlock.pro/  – Previous domain of movierulz
  • https://3movierulz.nocensor.icu/  – Previous domain of movierulz
  • https://4movierulz.in  – Previous domain of movierulz
  • https://4movierulz.nocensor.icu/  – Previous domain of movierulz
  • https://4movierulz.prox4you.xyz  – Previous domain of movierulz
  • https://4movierulz.to  – Previous domain of movierulz
  • https://4movierulz.unlockproject.live  – Previous domain of movierulz

We will be describing a few steps you can take to download movies from Movierulz. Follow these steps to get the movie you want.

  1. Visit www.movierulz.com.
  2. The website’s intuitive interface makes it easy to search for the movie that you are looking for.
  3. A new page will be created when you click the movie.
  4. Below the movie poster are two options: “DOWNLOAD” or “WATCH ONLINE”.
  5. To make it easier to download the movie, you will need third-party software such as Utorrent.
  6. There are many torrent links in your list. If one doesn’t work, you can try another.

We believe all interested users now have information about how to download thousands of movies from Movierulz. Users will not need to navigate through any difficulties downloading entertainment content online.

You can visit Movierulz, an illegal piracy website at 4movierulz.as. The user can watch the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies without any cost.

Movierulz has many categories on its homepage. This includes Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies as well as Tamil movies, Telugu movies and Malayalam movies.

3movierulz.com website proxy movierulz.tc working now movierulz.nz proxy1
movierulz.vc website proxy movierulz.sd working now movierulz.hs proxy2
movierulz.vpn website proxy 4movierulz.com working now movierulz.nu proxy3
movierulz.pz website proxy movierulz.vt not working now movierulz.mv working now
movierulz.pl website proxy movierulz.hs working now 2movierulz.ht not working
movierulz.ce website proxy movierulz.gd working now movierulz .ht proxy server
movierulz.ht website proxy movierulz.st working now movie rulz.vt  proxy server
movierulz.nz website proxy movierulz.it not working now movierulz.gr  proxy server
movierulz.pe website proxy movierulz.ps working now movierulz.net  proxy server
movierulz.pc website proxy movierulz.com official

Movierulz is a piracy website that also offers songs. Movierulz, an illegal piracy website, has recently leaked many movies. It includes Vakeel Saab, A1 Express, Sulthan, Ratnagiri, Bomma Adirindi Dimma Tirigindi, Wild Dog, One, Uppena, Karnan, Neha, Chaavu Kaburu Challaga, Jathi Ratnalu, Bhale Khiladi, Godzilla vs. Kong, etc.

Movierulz can provide a wide range of content that can be downloaded and viewed online using a high-speed internet connection. You only need to ensure that you visit the original website or an alternative site from your internet browser.



It will be possible for any and every user who is going to visit the website to download and watch a large number of movies easily. If you download content from this site, there will be nothing to worry about. Nearly all entertainment content is available in high-quality.

Many users are interested in learning more about alternative websites to 3Movierulz. It is important that you select the movies that interest you from the website quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Movierulz, an illegal pirate website, is so well-known that Alexa.com reports that its global rank is 34435

Movierulz has a value of 89871 USD. Movierulz is an illegal piracy website that includes many categories, including Featured, Hollywood and Bollywood, Telugu. Tamil, Malayalam. Dubbed. Other.

Movierulz is a piracy website that includes many movies, including KGF: Chapter 1, IP Man 4 and Mastram. Movierulz is an illegal pirate website that offers a wide selection of Tamil and Telugu movies. Movierulz is not subject to criminal prosecution. If you are using a proxy server, Movierulz cannot be accessed.

You can visit 4movierulz.tc, an illegal pirate website. The illegal piracy website has many HD-quality movies and web series.

You will find different categories on the homepage of illegal piracy website 4Movierulz such as Featured and Hollywood.

Recent leaks by the illegal piracy website 4Movierulz have included several movies. These movies can be found on the homepage at 4Movierulz, an illegal piracy website. It contains 14 Pheres, Double Kalyanams, Hero, Needas, Rayas and the Last Dragons, Sarpatta Paraambarai, Santoshathinte Onnam. Narappa. Chuzhal. Anando Brahma. Ganesapuram.

Movierulz, an illegal piracy website, is one of the most popular. This is because it has the latest and most loved movies, as well as web series.

Movierulz is an illegal pirate website that includes many movies and web series. It also includes Featured, Hollywood and Bollywood as well as Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

Movierulz is an illegal pirate website that also offers songs. Movierulz’s homepage contains the most popular and recent movies and web series.

We will update this page if we receive any additional information about Movierulz, an illegal piracy website. Let’s look at the alternatives to Movierulz, an illegal piracy website.

Movierulz Alternative sites 3movierulz

Sometimes, you may encounter unexpected glitches. Movierulz.com may temporarily be unavailable due to these issues. Here’s a list of Movierulz websites that are currently available.

  1. 3movierulz.sx
  2. Movierulz.me
  3. Movierulz.professional
  4. Movierulz. Contact us
  5. Movierulz.ol
  6. Movierulz.vip
  7. Movierulz.ml
  8. Movierulz.cov
  9. Movierulz.nh
  10. Movierulz.com

How do I unblock Movierulz

VPN software is required. It can be installed on your computer, tablet, or phone. Watch a few videos on YouTube and follow the instructions to install them.

If you’re looking for another Movierulz site, these are the best choices.

The ultimate streaming website list is Streaming Sites. Here you can find all the best sites for watching free and premium movies without downloading them.


This website is beautiful and easy to use for those who are looking for the most recent movies and tv-series. This website has the largest selection of videos, including Telugu, Malayalam and Bollywood movies, as well as tv-series and movies from Hollywood.

You will find a variety of movies when you access them. You should watch movies whenever you have the time. There are many TV shows and movies to choose from. Just search for your favorite movies or shows on 1337x and download them for free.

There are many shows and movies that you might like to see. It’s possible to download these movies from 1337x. You must use it at your own risk as it is illegal.

It is easier to find the most recent movies and tv shows with the lucid layout of 1337x. Follow the icons “POPULAR TODAY”, “POPULAR THIS WEEK”, “TRENDING TODAY” or “TOP 100 THIS MORNING” for a visual guide.

What do you do if 1337x is not working?

There are two options when 1337x is blocked. You can switch to proxy sites or switch to mirrors. In case you are unable to remember, here is a list.

Proxy sites that work for 1337x

  • 1337x.st
  • 1337x.cc
  • 1337x.unblocker.cc
  • 1337x.ws
  • 1337x.unblocker.app
  • 1337x.unblocker.bet

Best mirror sites for 1337x

  • 1337x.torrentzmirror.org
  • 1337x-to.prox1.inf
  • 1337x-to.prox.space
  • 1337x.unblockall.xyz
  • 1337x.unblocker.win

How do I watch/download from 1337x

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Many people are looking for ways to download and watch tv shows or movies online. Proxy websites are safe and secure. The government has blocked access to the 1337x official website. One thing is sure and that is you will not have to think about it as we will let you know how you can watch or download your favorite movies.

  1. After you have used one of these proxies, the user-friendly interface will be visible as described above.
  2. Click on the movie or series that you wish to see.
  3. You will find two options on the next page: one is “DOWNLOAD” the other is “WATCH ONLINE.”


You can download it for your android and pc. It is also possible to rent or purchase a movie, and then watch it immediately. This is a pay as you watch entertainment app that was launched in 2006.

Renting a movie or TV-series expires after 30 calendar days. It is valid for 48 hours after you start watching the video or television-series. It can be viewed on up to two devices.

  • It is yours for life once you have purchased it. You can add up five devices to your account and still enjoy them.
  • It’s cheaper than Netflix. However, you don’t have to pay monthly. You can buy only what you need.
  • It is compatible with almost all devices, including the Apple iPhone and iPad. Gaming consoles are also supported. It is compatible with Mac.
  • Are you an Android phone user? It works just as well with an Android tablet.

How do I sign up for Blinkbox

  1. It is also available in the app store. If you wish to sign up online, visit www.blinkbox.com. Talk Talk T.V. You can find it in the app store.
  2. Click on the blue icon to “SIGN UP NOW!”
  3. Register for an account
  4. Write your payment details. Switch between your Visa, Maestro and Mastercard. All of these are accepted.
  5. Now you are ready to go!



You can search for films in different languages on this public torrent site. Tamil, Telugu and Punjabi movies, as well as Hollywood and Bollywood movies, are available here.

You either download the movies and the tv-series or watch them online. However, streaming online can cause problems with the quality of the video if the internet connection is slow enough.

If you encounter a block online, the following site will allow you to stream it perfectly:


The movies can be downloaded directly or through third-party software such as UTorrent. Also check kickasstorrents similar to movierulz

Amazon Prime Video

Similar to Blinkbox, it is also available for mac and android phones. You will also need to pay to view movies. Amazon Prime is a subscription service that costs only $11 per year, unlike Netflix and Blinkbox.

Amazon Prime is easy to use. Your payment is automatically made every year using your credit or debit card. Amazon Prime is a monthly or annual subscription that provides original music and great video.

Amazon Prime Video has everything you need, whether you want to stream a film of your favorite actor or watch exciting web TV series. There is a lot of content you’ll love to stream from Amazon Prime Video. The only thing you should know is that Amazon Prime Video will allow you to stream entertainment from anywhere, anytime.

Prime reading and early access for offers and deals. Also, a wide range of Indian movies in different languages.

There are two types of payment schemes. The first is the annual payment, which can be paid at 999 per annum or at 129 per mon.

How do I sign up for Amazon Prime

  1. Visit amazon.com
  2. Click on “AMAZON PRIME” to pay using the preferred method. You can use your debit card or credit card. U.P.I. is also available because Amazon is user-friendly. You can plan to make your transaction easier.
  3. You can click on “SIGN UP” to connect your preferred bank route to automate the payment.
  4. Amazon Prime Video can be viewed on your computer, Mac or android phone.
  5. Download the app from either the Amazon website or the Play Store.
  6. You can browse the movies with ease. The films and tv are further divided by language.
  7. If you download the movie and want to view it offline, you can do so by clicking here. You can control the quality of the video, unlike Netflix which cannot be adjusted.
  8. Amazon Prime is available in more than 200 countries.


Netflix is a streaming entertainment company. It is the most popular among movie and series watchers. All users can subscribe to the service in different packages.

Netflix offers a wide range of movies and series from more than 200 countries. You can choose to view the entire series in any language. Netflix isn’t just for adults, but also offers a separate section for kids entertainment.

You can view your Netflix shows from anywhere, anytime. And you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Netflix has many different genres, and you’ll also find useful documentaries in each section. Download your favourite shows to watch offline.

This is what movie- and tv-series viewers are most excited about. There are many languages available.

You can find more than 200 movies from different countries on this site. There is also an option for children, where they can select anything from movies to episodes and even shows. You can watch any time, anywhere.

Download anything you like. You can watch it anywhere you are. The streaming service offers a variety of genres including documentaries, award-winning movies, thrillers, drama, and horror.

Everybody can find the right subscription plan to fit their needs.

Netflix Originals are only a click away.

You will not be interrupted by advertisements or extra charges.

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Premium plan – Pay 799 per month and get your movies in H.D. Ultra H.D. Your video can be viewed on your laptop, or paired up with your TV.

You can watch movies and tv-series while you’re on the road. Unlimited films and tv shows can be viewed. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Premium offers family-friendly entertainment you can enjoy with your family. Here’s why. Share your project with your family and friends.

Netflix Premium allows you to view four screens simultaneously. This means that four people can simultaneously watch Netflix.

Standard Plan- This plan costs 649 per month and includes all movies in HD. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Ultra H.D. is not available and Netflix can only be viewed by two people at a time.

Other than that, everything is identical to Premium. This is a vast collection of films and tv shows, and can be viewed on any device, including your smartphone, tablet, P.C. or TV.

The Basic Plan- This plan is basically a mid-range plan that is very similar to standard. You can watch your movies and tv shows in HD. or Ultra H.D. You can only have one person on your screen at a time. You can watch Netflix for less than the previous plan if you wish.

Mobile Plan – This plan is primarily for mobiles, as the name implies. Only difference between Basic and Mobile plans is that the Basic plan allows you to view Netflix on your laptop while the Mobile plan requires you to use your phone’s screen.

Screen time is one per month, which is similar to basic. Your idea is billed at 129 per month. You can cancel your plan at any time or upgrade your plan.

A Premium or Mobile plan is the best choice. It’s worth it.

How do I sign up for Netflix

  1. Click on the website https://www.netflix.com/in/.

  2. Click on the top right corner of the page to access “SIGN IN.”

  3. Enter your email address, then click “ENTER.”

  4. Enter your password, then click “CONTINUE”.

  5. To activate your account, you will need to choose between a secure payment option, such as your Credit card or Debit card.

  6. After activating your account, you’ll get one month for free if it is your first time. The automated payments will begin the following month.


This online streaming site allows you to stream movies and TV series online. You can watch Bollywood movies and TV series online. You might get a virus on your computer or laptop because Yesmovies is an online streaming site.

Yes, movies offer a variety of video genres such as action, crime documentaries, wars, kungfu and mythological. They also include animations, psychological, sitcoms, thrillers, horror, sport and adventure. You can find movies from many countries, including Asia, Taiwan, the United States, Korea, and other European nations. You can search for top IMBd, tv series, and cinema.

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Yesmovies offers a mobile app that allows you to watch movies online. You can also download it from the Google Play Store app. Because the film is illegal, the quality is exceptional. There are over 9000 movies to choose from. The site’s interface is easy to use, so you can download videos.

Click the link below to get started. https://yesmovies.mom/movies/


You will be able to access five different options, including masala, desi, or Indian tv. Although this site isn’t trustworthy, you can still give it a shot and download any movie you want to.

This website will provide you with a wide range of entertainment options. You don’t have to worry about anything as the shows that you will see on this website will be amazing and fascinating. You can enjoy a complete package of entertainment and pleasure. Zeemasti is a website every viewer should access at least once in order to stream and download movies and series online.

You can tap on the following link to view the options. http://ww12.zeemasti.com/


Bigflix is extremely affordable. You can get it for just 1 rupee per month. Premium can be purchased for 50 rupees. The first month is free and you can choose to have the amount deducted from your account. Bigflix Premium allows you to watch Bigflix on IOS, Android, and the Web.


  1. Go to the website https://bigflix.com/.
  2. You will see a red “SIGN IN” icon in the upper right corner.
  3. To complete the automatic transaction, you will need to enter your bank details.

There are some cons to this app. You might have difficulty cancelling your subscription. The interface isn’t very appealing for those who have already seen the worlds of Amazon Prime and Netflix.


https://www.popcornflix.com/pages/discover/d/movies if you tap on the link, you will enter into the home of Popcornflix. This is a great place to watch movies and tv-programs online. You can even download them.

To enjoy it, you will need to create an account. Popcornflix is legal for you to stream on your computer. You can stream your favorite tv series online and receive the latest movie releases.

How do I sign up?

We will provide all the information you need to sign up. Signing up for an account on different platforms is essential. Only subscribers can stream their favorite movies or tv shows online through streaming platforms. You will only need to register on the website to search for your favorite entertainment content online.

You have to sign-up, and once you are done doing so, you can easily watch movies online, and this site supports ads.


You can choose from a variety of plans to watch movies, tv-series and other shows online. Sign up with your Facebook or Google account. Get 30 days of subscriptions for free

Premium Plan

75 dollars per year is required to access live streaming and 7TB of storage. You also get unlimited viewers.

Business Plan

There are no weekly limits at $50/year and 5TB storage. You also have ten teammates with whom you can share information.

Pro Plan

Limit 20 G.B. There is a limit of 20 G.B. per month and one T.B. Each year, access to the accounts for up to 3 team members. All this for $20 per year

Plus Plans

You are limited to 5 G.B. You get a limit of 5 G.B. per week, 250 GB per annum and a cost of $7 per annum.

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This website is an Indian website. It shows movies and tv-shows in over 17 languages. Although this site is safe, certain videos and features will only open with Premium features.

This feature requires you to pay. You can download the app from Google Play or access it online.

How do I log in?

  1. Go to the link https://www.hotstar.com/in.
  2. Click on the link above and click on the option “Login.”
  3. To login or sign up, you will need to provide your phone number, email address, or Facebook account.
  4. You will need to add your credit and debit cards in order to get the premium plan.

There are many options to choose from when choosing your movie or tv-show. You can even find news and sports in different languages.

Sony crackle

SONY owns this site, where you will find full-length movies. However, there are very few ads. It is well worth the effort, as the videos are of high quality. It can be purchased in both online and play stores.

Movierulz recently leaked Jathi Ratnalu and Jack Snyders Justice League.

Movierulz has released Jack Snyders Justice League, a Hollywood movie. It was done shortly after the movie’s release. It’s a four-hour film. The movie’s revenue will be affected by the leak.

Many movies and web series have been leaked by them from around the globe. This includes Karthikeya’s Chaavu Challaga Challaga, Red Gatham and Mumbai Saga, Aelay and Avengers: Endgame.

To ensure your access, only use the original content. Movierulz is a piracy website that allows you to view the film or web series. Movierulz can be used as an alternative to illegal piracy sites like Tamilrockers and Moviesda.

Movierulz is an illegal pirate website. There are many alternatives. It includes Tamilrockers, Tamilyogi, Madras Rockers, Jio Rockers, Moviesda, Worldfree4u, Extramovies, 123Movies, FMovies, Downloadhub, Yts, etc.

Movierulz, an illegal piracy website, has leaked many movies, including Jathi Ratnalu and Vakeel Saab.

Movierulz is an illegal pirate website that offers movies and web series in various languages, including Telugu and Malayalam. Movierulz is also a illegal piracy website that allows you to find Hollywood movies.

Movierulz is a torrent site that allows the public to download pirated movies online. Movierulz hosts pirated versions in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Movierulz: The History

Movierulz, a notorious piracy website, allows users to download pirated movies. Movierulz allows illegal downloading of all TV series and web series, thanks to the increasing popularity of online streaming and television channels.

Viewers can easily enjoy free movies online on these platforms, often in full HD quality. Producers and actors have asked viewers to stop downloading movies from websites like Movierulz. Instead, they should watch them in cinemas.

Movierulz Telugu, Plz, Wap, Ps, Ms, Ds – Telugu Movies

The box-office collections of movies around the globe have been affected by piracy. Movierulz is one of many websites that allows you to pirate movies online before they are released. These pirated movies are downloaded by fans who can’t wait to see the film. This leads to a decline in theatre attendance. Movierulz has been leaking content since long. This is everything you need to know about the piracy website.

Movierulz In India

The Indian government has banned Movierulz sites, but this has not stopped the leaked movies from such websites. Piracy is illegal in India. Movierulz online website continues to change its domain extension regularly in an attempt to circumvent the ban. It also continues to leak a lot of movies illegally from different film industries. Users can then download full movies online in HD prints or cam.

How many arrests have been made by the Indian Police?

On October 10, 2019, Gunasekhar, the director/ producer of Rudramadevi’s film, filed a complaint to Hyderabad Police. After his October 9 release, Rudramadevi was allegedly pirated by the Director. Three people were arrested in Hyderabad by police for violating the Copyright Act, 1957 and the IT Act (2008). The 3 students arrested were working for Indians in Sri Lanka, who employ such students to pirate movies for Movierulz Telugu.

What is the Government doing to stop Piracy?

The Government has taken decisive steps to eliminate piracy of movies. The Cinematograph Act, which was approved in 2019, can see anyone who records a movie without permission from the producers facing a maximum of three years imprisonment. The culprits could also face a Rs10 lakhs fine. Pirated copies can be circulated on illegal torrent sites and could result in a sentence of imprisonment.

Will I be sent to jail or fined if I illegally downloaded a movie?

The Indian piracy law states that if someone is brought to court and it is proved that they have knowingly infringed on the rights of another person or helped them infringe, and then the act would be considered a crime. Because most movies contain a watermark, or notice that indicates it is a copyrighted movie, the court will presume that the person was aware of the infringement.

A person convicted of their first offense is subject to a six-month or three-year sentence, along with a fine of Rs50,000 to Rs200,000, depending on the severity of the offence.

You can also look for alternative options at leIf legal, the following list contains links to such sites. These sites might not always be available at all times.


This site doesn’t offer reliable downloads of songs, movies and tv-series.




Moviesnow. co


It is a torrent site for public use that has been around since 2000. It’s safe to search movies and tv-series online.


Copyright Act 1957 makes it illegal to view or download any content from these sites. You can however add it to your bookmark. This Act states that you can watch movies online from pirated sites such as Filmywap or mkvcage or Klwap or other similar sites.

These sites use proxy websites to keep them alive. One can also use Utorrent or another third-party site. The films in every language were released on the first day.


It is illegal. Due to its high quality of movies that are released on the websites even before the release dates of the film, this site uploads pirated versions of the movie. It is illegal to download or watch the movie from any of these websites.

India has taken steps to ensure that defaulters remain behind bars for at least five more years under Corruption At. Third-party software that facilitates these defiant websites will also be prosecuted.


This site is not intended to encourage you to download or watch movies online from a pirated website, according to the Copyright Act 1987. Possession of such material, including clips and pictures of the movie, is a crime.

These documents could lead to five years in jail. This article is intended to be read and not provoke any illegal activity. Be a responsible citizen.