Movistar Plus+ . But Spanish Film of the Year and 5 other great premieres


Movistar Plus+ has many more very good movies. Here are 6 recommendations based on the latest release.

the best movie

among Movistar Plus+ . But recent movie premiere we get Six movies that are worth a lot grief. Among them are two of the best Spanish productions in recent months.

Benedetta (drama Artico Franca)

polemica, with erotic scene And some of the best actors of French cinema. so it is Drama directed by Paul Verhoeven Who made various comments after passing through the Cannes Festival. The plot focuses on Benedetta Carlini (virginian efira), a woman who attends the convent of Pescia (Italy) as a novice, at the end of the fifteenth century.

based on real events, This tape contains several sex scenes Which shows that the purity was not correct in that convent. To highlight the role played in the plot by the secondary characters played by Lambert Wilson and Charlotte Rampling,

Love in Its Place (dramatic melodrama)

Rodrigo Courts ,buried (buried), red lights) is the director of One of the big eastern steel films. A thrilling story, full of life and in which Court performs Effective exercise in style by telling action in real time The story of a group of actors who perform a play with the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto and watch their every move.

Romance, Thriller, Drama, Musical and even Comedy She will be seen in this feature film shot in English which will surprise many.

Worth (drama Judicial Thief Michael Keaton)

las After 9/11 Attacks This day is directly and harshly reflected in the many relatives of the victims.The Judicial Branch starring Michael Keaton. The actor plays Kenneth Feinberg, a lawyer who helps the relatives of the victims of that tragedy get financial sums of money as compensation.

A struggle to make sure everyone gets what they deserve, instead of taking its hero story based on real facts Muster up the courage to stand up to the forgiving and cold American judicial system. Stanley Tucci plays one of the affected relatives.

The Good Patron (dramatic comedy with Javier Bardem)

Javier Bardem became the owner of a company One who exercises great power over his workers. As much as interfering in their personal lives and handling them as if they were puppets before an important journey for the future of their business.

Fernando Lane de Arnoa drive it Dramatic comedy that has devastated audiences and critics (Winning 6 Goya Awards, among other awards) And it throws darts against the dehumanization at work and the double standards of many. to highlight the great work of the secondary Almudena Amor, Manolo Solo and Fernando Albizu.

All was well (French drama about euthanasia)

francois ozone Shake the conscience again with a very personal story. now with a A drama centered on euthanasia in which Sophie Marceau and André Dassolier take part. They are in charge of giving life to a daughter and her father respectively. After suffering a stroke, he tells her (and his other daughter) to find a place to end their lives with dignity.

While the moment comes, both will foresee events already distant, Trying to get back the love they rarely showed each other, The story is based on the experience of Emmanuel Burnheim, a deceased friend and colleague of the director.

MAM O PAP (Comedy with Paco Lane and Mirren Ibargueren)

After making many French people laugh out loud with the almost impossible divorce story, it’s time for its Spanish version. In this comedy we find Paco Lane and Mirren Ibarguren In the skin of a couple with kids who decide to part ways and start a war without a quarter.

The Reason? that, in his potential new life, none of them want to take custody of the little ones, So they will use all possible means to take responsibility for their care… and let others do it. A twist on the comedy of divorce.

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