Ms Madrid charges “illegal” donations of 10% on her charges

  • Investigation Erren’s right hand picks up the minutes of the fictitious assembly in front of a notary to constitute Ms.
  • Investigation Ms. Pass copied and forged signatures from an assembly to participate in the 2019 general elections

Ms Madrid and Ms Pas imposed a mandatory tax payment on all party personnel to finance formations that began as party members. 10% of gross salary And that it was increasing progressively with the passage of time.

This toll, which has already been considered illegal Several courts, which have settled procedures for the dismissal of members of these structures, were reflected in a financial paper that EL Mundo had access to.

This document will be condemned this Thursday court of Auditors by the group of mayors who left the party and who now form the group recover madrid After the split of the people belonging to Manuela Carmena.

M Financial Chart
Ms Madrid’s financial chart.EM

The letter initially established that elected officials, neighboring members and temporary employees of the Municipal Group Ms Madrid would contribute to the party’s income with a contribution of 10% of their gross annual remuneration. 1 January 2020, This imposition was established in a general manner as a mandatory issue and extended to party members who were not even affiliated.

Such compulsory donation should be made effective with monthly periodicity By charging the specified bank account by each of the donors to the account which will be opened exclusively for these purposes and management model. Similarly, it was established that funds from the said donation will be used to finance the budget approved by Ms. Madrid for each fiscal year.

The practice was formed under the leadership of Ms. Pas, Iago Erezan, to meet their expenses.

judicial resolution

Recently, at least three controversial-administrative jurisdictions have condemned the Madrid city council for processing Nine neighboring vowels Precisely demanded by Ms Madrid for not paying the required fee in the aforesaid internal document.

resolution of Madrid’s court numbers 31 and 14 They have already ruled that the actual reason for the above workers’ dismissal appears to be a breach of obligation to pay a financial letter, which includes an illegal compulsory donation to finance a party to which none of the actors are affiliated.

Along with these and other elements, Ms. Madrid’s former councilors have expressed a complaint of irregular funding Which is being presented before the Court of Auditors this Thursday, recognizing that the practice is a serious flaw.

fake signature

Donations are added to the internal chat of Ms Madrid members during the transition from the formation of Ms Pas revealed by EL MUNDO and also shows serious irregularities In the constitution of the party with which Iresen ran in the general elections in November 2019.

Among other issues, party members at that time assure in messages that they Simulated calling of an assembly and forged signatures to create a new platform with which he leapfrogged into the national arena.

Ego erasure.Alberto Di Lolli

This newspaper published the contents of these messages, citing some examples, now councilors in the Madrid City Council, Francisco de Ass Fernandez Camacho, chico, In that process the party treasurer wrote to his colleagues on October 2, 2019: I already have the task of amending Ms. Madrid’s statutes. As I imagined, they say there was a meeting on Sunday 22 (September), convened in time and in the form in which the name, scope and logo amendment agreements were adopted. He says that was a lie.

They wouldn’t expect us to believe it was Galileo’s, he says, referring to an overnight meeting. via telegram A quick vote took place with Cardboard in the elections to formalize Iresen’s candidacy and in which. However, in this he did not elaborate on the changes in party laws.

After consulting this newspaper, the councilor himself explained that the change It was done in haste as elections are near.But this was an issue on which all were agreed and hence the formality of the process was not given much attention. The important thing is that no decision was taken contrary to what we had taken in the organisation.

Once the call to the assembly was simulated, d’Ass said party leaders issued certificates of agreements and went to a notary on Monday the 23rd. Just a few hours after being held. Indeed, and as this newspaper confirmed in its Wednesday edition, Errejn’s right hand He was the one who made public the minutes of the fictitious gathering.

In short, d’Ass added to his then party mate, marta higuerassowho still came up as No. 2 of the candidature and later resigned from the seat.

Pablo just called me Chino (senator and deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Madrid) Pablo Gomez Perpini) and have apologized to me for how things have been done in the change from Ms. Madrid to Ms. Pass. He told me that after the first meeting on Sunday he assumed that change had to be made, that there was no other option (true) and he got down to it without talking to anyone else, this can be read in another of conversation.

He believes it was a mistake and has asked me to transfer it to you. For my part, I appreciate that they try to justify it and recognize that mistake, says the then-treasurer. Faced with this message, Higueras responds: In addition to apologizing, I think it is very important that they properly explain the legal status of Ms. Paas and Ms. Madrid. Also all questions on accounts are clear […], Otherwise we will not be able to move forward. we have to try to correct any defects It is present, gives a warning.

Faced with complaints, his interlocutor tried to prove that it was One way to participate in the election. I think it is clear, another is that proper decision-making process has not been followed, he says.

Along the same lines, d’Ass communicated with the mayor. Jose Manuel Calvo On 1 October 2019. they would have called the assembly […] And the amendment of the statutes should have been approved, he admits, again acknowledging that neither process had been done. Calvo asks whether such a decision can be put into effect without notifying the council and d’Ass clarifies: Obviously, no. He should have called the assembly.

Dan, Fire in Podemoso

Forced donations to district councilors and members are an ‘inherited’ practice, highlighting the already endless problems at the time of the Ahora Madrid, the subsidiary party led by Manuela Carmena and from which Ms Madrid has since divorced. Cain & United. Left. All of these positions should contribute to the funding of Nao Madrid, but also of Podemos, which is one of the legs supporting it, if those people were enrolled in a ‘purple’ formation. This gave rise to numerous files and provoked internal conflicts over non-compliance of payments, most notably an arbitral process opened against the councilors Zapata, Barbero, Soto, Arce or Carmona – who were later pardoned by Pablo Iglesias. so that they could avoid it. Escalation of conflict It also gave rise to rebellion from neighboring members, who confronted the municipal leadership of Podemos for not donating under the argument that they were only now representatives of Madrid. In her case, the amount of obligations was more than three times the 10% that Ms Madrid currently demands from her family. At first it was tried that half of his remuneration would go directly to the party.

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