Murcia rebels against the government and does not use Sela law textbooks in many courses.


Catholic Families Appeal to the Supreme ESO and Baccalaureate Curriculum

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Minister of Education, Pilar Allegra, at an institution in Vcar (Almeria).Carlos BeardEFE
  • education Ayuso appealed the level course to the Supreme Court for its “lack of material” and “high ideological weight”.
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the government of marcia It rebels against the central executive in Madrid and uses all legal tactics so that its students have as little contact as possible with the Sella law curriculum. To do this, command that . new textbooks of 5 primary and of 1 of ESO And remain as they were in Vert law. Also, leave the possibility of renewal of school manuals for other courses in the hands of the learning centres.

Minister of Education of Murcia, mabel campuzano (formerly Vox), stands firm on the fact that no law requires the use of textbooks. This is a supplementary material, explain his team’s sources. They will use the calendar in their gratuity plan to slow the replacement. How?

Murcia’s Law of Gratuity Textbooks Establishes that textbooks shall have a minimum validity of four school years. In a later reform, this regional regulation exceptionally authorized that they could be changed prior to duly justified reasons, such as curriculum amendments.

However, Murcia would without exception interpret this law in the most conservative way. To mitigate the weak aspects of Lomlo, we will use our margin of autonomy and we will not change the books before four years, the same sources say. it means that 10 Curriculum that lasts up to compulsory education (primary and ESO), Lomlo manuals can be used, at the choice of teachers, in only three: primary K1 and 3 and ESO’s 3, either because of the four-year duration and their validity. expired, either because they are not included in the free program.

The manuals for Elementary K 2, 4 and 6 and ESO 2 and 4 will also not change, as Lomlo will not be implemented in even courses until 2023/2024. And Marcia 5 will keep the primary and 1 ESO classes as they have been since the four-year period of use has not yet passed. As they guarantee seven courses with general manual.

As with all educational laws that arise without consensus—PSOE’s CCAA had a revolt with Vert’s Law—its opponents looked for various ways not to enforce Lomlo.

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Students of the Catholic Confederation of Priests (Concapa) has filed a writ before the controversial-Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court that initiates the filing of an appeal against the ESO and Baccalaureate curriculum.

Challenging the primaries a month ago, AMPAS’ majority group of consolidated schools (representing three million parents) took the curriculum to court. The new resource’s arguments are the same as then: it holds that there are principles and ideological choices that violate the rights of parents regarding their children’s education.

The Community of Madrid, for its part, once again demanded from the central government a single university entrance exam that would be uniform throughout Spain. education consultant, Enrique Osorioattacked a system that means every year many students from Madrid are forced to move out of the region to study their desired careers, while students from other regions, where the level of demand for exams are very less is less, it’s easy to enroll in Madrid.

The so-called Single District allows the grades that a student receives in his/her city which can be used to enter university anywhere in Spain. citizens leaders, ins arimadasThis is also in favor of general selectivity as there are 17 Taifa states where students suffer the consequences of differences, discrimination and injustice among autonomous communities.

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