Murder, Rape and Cocaine Trafficking: Narco ‘Otonial’, Imprisoned in the United States

he is already in jail America Most wanted capo in recent years. A five million dollar bounty was offered by US officials to Dario Antonio Suga, aka Otonial, the head of the Gatanista Self-Defense Forces. ColombiaAlso known as Clan del Golfo, one of the most powerful mafia in the South American nation.

But more than his gang, which smuggles cocaine and sows terror with him, the accused criminal’s added value is the secret he keeps from his more than three decades of criminal life. That past, precisely, is what prompted his extradition to become the subject of a strong controversy in the country.

In view of his great danger, the government thought it necessary to send him out. However, for political and social protest, sending him abroad meant silencing him And he argued that it was a genuine and unavoidable interest in complying with the request of American power. So, he took to various courts to try to stop it, including the Supreme Court, which at the time had given the green light, with the signature of the current President, a necessary move.

“This is not what Mr. Suga David’s extradition means” For yourself The resignation of the Colombian judicial authorities to continue the prosecution and trial of Mr. Suga David for crimes committed in the national territory, because the United States has sufficient communication mechanisms and diplomatic means to request the presence of the above subject. Legal proceedings in Colombia”, read separately from the decision of the Council of State, the last body resorted to by social organizations.

What was said by the said council had already happened with the chiefs of the AUC (United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia) when, following the same dispute, they were sent to US prisons in May 2008 and from there they served justice. continued to collaborate with. system in their country.

“Otonial”‘s initial destination to appear before the New York Southern Court is a cell at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, and he also has cases pending in Florida. They accused him of smuggling thousands of kilos of drugs, murder, assault and other serious crimes between 2002 and 2021.

While flying to New York on a DEA plane, his men, via pamphlet, threatened a four-day “armed strike” in some areas where they are strong, such as Sucre, Cordoba, Antioquia or part of Bolvar. They indicate that as of May 5, no one will be able to “open any kind of business”, nor “move in any form of transport”. They warn that “if they do not comply, the consequences could be unfavourable”, meaning they kill them, burn their properties or force them to leave the area. In this sense, EL MUNDO already had information about various attacks without victims in the departments of Cordoba and Bolvar.

One of the priority targets is the police, and on other occasions the Gatnists staged a The “pistol scheme” for which several uniformed officers were murdered.

Secret Life in the Andean Mountains

After several years of intense harassment, “Otoniel” was arrested in October 2021. In recent times, the best of the Army Special Forces and the National Police, They followed him through various mountainous regions Where he had his dens like Nudo del Paramillo in Cordoba.

Born into a family of farmers from Antioquia, he first joined the guerrillas, then joined the AUC and formed his own gang with the alias Don Mario. He was accustomed to hiding, did not have the luxurious and extravagant tastes of other drug traffickers, and walked like a mole through the Andean mountain ranges. According to the police his weakness was Drive away the girls who took him to their hiding places.

In addition to pending cases in the United States, in Colombia he is responsible for hundreds of murders, rapes, as well as smuggling cocaine into the United States and Europe.

Before leaving, he gave a long list of special justices for the peace. State agents from whom he boughtWhich included generals, colonels, judges, among others, in addition to former governors, former mayors and other politicians. The above court sent the data to the Supreme Court and the prosecutor’s office so that they could start an investigation.

Although the opposition claims that Otoniel was still in Colombia, where he was kept in the cells of the police dejin in Bogotá, with tight security measures, the newspaper knows very well the prisons and how the mafia deals with them. It would be impossible to stop him from continuing to command his gang because of the rampant corruption in all prisons. “Othniel” would be even more dangerous than Freedom, as he was forced to hide all the time before being caught. But from one cell, he will bring internal order and end a shooting battle between two of his strong men, who wish to succeed him and give orders on some 3,200 members of the Gatanistas: Jobanis de jes villa villadigo,aka Chiquito Malo, the strongest, Wilmar Antonio Giraldo Queiroz, aka Ciopas.

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