Museums will no longer lend historical costumes like the ones Kim Kardashian wore to the Met Gala

Kim Kardashian She lost fifteen pounds to fit in the legendary outfit she wore Marilyn Monroe 1962 night when he sang for the president John F. Kennedy The most famous and sexiest ‘Happy Birthday’ in memory. Thus, exuberant and fabulous, the celebrity dazzled at the last Met Gala and without a doubt, it was one of the most commented looks of the evening.

In addition to the analysis of fashion experts, the assessment of nutritionists about such a sudden weight loss and, of course, about the impossibility of fitting Kim’s butt in the dress, the mere fact that Kardashian used Marilyn’s dress who have grouped together the museum speaks.

The International Council of Museums (ICOM), an international organization concerned with the protection, maintenance and communication of the world’s natural and cultural heritage, has established the Heaven and Don’t Lend More Historical Costumes Like Marilyn, he explains in a statement.

s dress committeeComposed of historians and museum professionals, have developed guidelines for the preservation of textiles that cast serious doubt on their display. Kim Kardashian.

Thus, in order to take good care of a piece, “it should be handled as little as possible; no one should wash or clean it except a trained custodian.” handle with cotton gloves And jewelry should not be worn without perfume, which doesn’t come into contact with skin or makeup, and to avoid snagging on loose threads.” In fact, it doesn’t seem like these guidelines were respected at the Met Gala.

Historic dress is better than the photos

In addition to these signs, it is important to carefully place it in conditions of lighting, humidity and temperature and, of course, it should be Avoid photographic flash. Again, everything seems wrong.

The International Council of Museums says the costume that belonged to Marilyn Monroe “was” tailor made In That Color by French Designer Jean-Louis matches her skin tone“And that it was sewn on before going to the event with US President Kennedy so that it could fit comfortably. Also, to enhance the sense of nudity, Marilyn wore no underwear.

Legendary costume. made in this soufflé, which is no longer available, “so it is irreplaceable”, they warn. Since, in fact, the ICOM guidelines have not been respected, this organization “strongly” urges that any such historical fabric should not be re-lent, as they are a property of cultural interest.

Ripleys Believe It or Not! This is the museum that dressed Kim Kardashian for the occasion. Its domestic brand in exhibition, with dozens of locations around the world rare and strange things, The suit is currently on display in Florida and was purchased at auction five million dollars.

The ICOM Code of Conduct, its conservation guidelines and recommendations are respected, he says, by many institutions and private collectors, even by those who do not actually belong to the organization.

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