“My body, my decision”, the cry of thousands of women in Los Angeles claiming abortion rights


The claim comes after the leak of a Supreme Court draft two weeks ago that predicted the tendency of a conservative majority to repeal jurisprudence protecting abortion.

Protests in support of abortion rights in Los AngelesDamien DovergensAP
  • reproductive rights Abortion is about to become illegal in the US: what will happen in the country and how will it affect women?

About 5,000 people, mostly women, demonstrated this Saturday at the entrance of Los Angeles City Hall (USA)) to show their support for the right to abortion to be constitutionally protected America,

Organization-led mobilization Women’s March Foundation“We won’t hold back” or “My body, my decision” brought together women of all ages in front of the gardens in front of the Los Angeles Town Hall.

This claim comes after the draft leaked two weeks ago. US Supreme Court which predicted the tendency of the conservative majority to repeal jurisprudence “Roe vs. Wade”Which has protected abortion across the country since 1973.

The founder of the Women’s March Foundation told Efe: “We take to the streets because women would be in danger if we were stopped from having legal abortions and we are not going to keep quiet.” Emiliana Guerrecasince the performance.

a posture that fragments Emily Vardow68, from San Fernando (California, USA), who said that “the freedom of the woman’s body is being stolen” and that “the new generation will be worse than their grandmothers.”

Invited to today’s event in Los Angeles were, among others, the city’s mayor, Eric Garcetti, or congressman, Karen BusoBoth from the Democratic Party.

California is one of the most progressive states in the US and its representatives at the local and state levels have assured that they will uphold the right to abortion, regardless of the Supreme Court ruling.

However, the protesters like Charis Rose and Kimberly GarciaThe ages of 32 and 35, respectively, expressed their disapproval of the Efe “to politicize a fundamental right such as abortion” and stressed the need to guarantee it in all US states.

“We are still concerned about the rights of minorities. It starts with not letting us have abortions, but what comes next, the rights of migrants?” Claudia Powell of Planned Parenthood, a non-profit organization, asked.

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