Naples withdraws after controversy over a rule prohibiting hanging clothes on the street


Leaking of a project of municipal regulations led to a ‘hanging cloth revolt’

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Clothes hanging on a street in Naples.Pixabay

After the uproar caused by the news spread by Corriere del Mezzogiorno On the criteria of the project of regulation of civil behavior that Hanging clothes on the street in Naples bannedmayor’s meeting Gaetano Manfredi Hastily stepped back. In a press release issued this Wednesday, he announced that the regulation would not include measures related to urban decorum and would only address safety issues. A 180-degree turn from the very detailed prescription contained in the draft dated June 14 two days earlier.

“Urban safety is a priority for this administration,” the city council was quick to specify in a note, “only this issue will be the subject of the new regulation.” “for measures relating to” urban decorationWhile they are necessary to restore a respectable face to a city that has been left in total decline in recent years, they are not covered by this regulation,” the statement emphasized.

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Gaetano Manfredi also attempts to address the turmoil of the municipality. for the mayor, Clothing hanging in the streets of Naples is “a representative point of the city”, not to the point of impropriety.” He then adds: “It is clear,” says Manfredi, “that we must maintain a boundary between our popular tradition and the system. I believe it will never be an ordinance to hang clothes.”

The clothing uprising already hung on social networks continued, in the words of some exponents of culture and politics, from city councilor Pino di Stasio to former mayor Luigi de Magistris. The former mayor himself was particularly harsh: “The absent mayor eventually shot himself, prohibited the hanging of clothes on the balconies and windows of Naples, and prohibited playing football. This is his vision of the city.”

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