Natalie Portman Has Nothing To Envy Chris Hemsworth In ‘Thor Love And Thunder’: She’s Changed Her Body

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as part of the culture, cine It is a faithful reflection of the thought, representation and construction of society and apart from entertaining and escaping, it also educates and transforms. Although we can go back a Empowered Sigourney Weaver In foreign Already in 1979, it is the last decade when the highest-grossing releases hit female heroines,

warrior women, above all, comically, like girl gadot, amazing lady of our time, a highly trained Brie Larson In captain marvel or now Natalie Portman In thor love and thunder And that muscular arm that gives a lot to talk about on social networks like Queen Lelizia.

Beyond the debate about aesthetics (to taste) biceps), there is health focus Behind all this transformation by celluloid stars that bring certain theories to the big screen. This is confirmed by Diego Calvo (Villa, 1986), a Spanish coach based in Los Angeles (California), where the cult of the body is the order of the day. “It’s very curious how two clients have brought the photo directly to me Natalie Portman and he told me: ‘I want to be like this’. The change in the women’s community has attracted a lot of attention.”

physical and visual power

The new body of the actress, who has gained muscle mass thanks to diet and exercise in her role as the protagonist
The new body of the actress, who has gained a lot of muscle mass thanks to diet and exercise in her role as the heroine.Shutterstock

Natalie Portman’s Transformation It is based on two fundamental aspects, shows Calvo, purely physical, to appear larger in size, and strength in terms of strength: that superheroes can control their bodies to improve their movement and agility. . months of strength training with your trainer, Naomi PendergastoIt’s clear: “He’s exercised with a bar like a dead weight, hip thrust [levantamiento de cadera], press Push-ups, squats, many pull-ups… These are basic exercises that can strengthen any profile, both men and women, each adapting their load to that desired muscle gain”.

The actress herself has told in an interview Vanity Fair The way he walks has also changed. ,We did a lot of weight training and I took a lot of protein shakes.It was heavy weight training, which I had never done before. Of course, my goal was never to be muscular. Everything was very physical, so we worked a lot on strength and agility,” he announced to the medium above.

That’s right, confirms Diego Calvo, which is why Many women try to get the same figure That functional training gives you. “Today’s woman no longer just wants to be thin. She wants to feel strong, with a different body, each one of them, obviously, but very capable.”

In the first stage, very little to get the role in time, the interpreter Volume is created and then definedCalvo explains, “by shaking hands high intensity exercise with too much muscle tension and even double training day”,


But with strength training alone you don’t gain muscle, “and even less for a beautiful woman like Portman,” Calvo says. You have to supplement exercise with diet. “It’s true that being a vegetarian, you’re a little conditioned by the fact that eat more calories than you expend during the day, and even more so if they’re good, full of nutrients, and not empty, which is why she’s had to resort to shakes being limited by the animal proteins she doesn’t take. indeed it is Month is complicated to take 10 grams of vegetable protein Neat Compared to chicken breast, which contains no carbohydrates or fat”.

Other Celebrities Experience

Martin Giachetta, the famous trainer in charge of sculpting the bodies of celebrities like David Bustamante or Dani Rovirahad to work with actress clear lake Exactly what Natalie Portman did for the movie Rabita 9 , in which he stars alongside Lex Gonzalez. “he is thin and for me it was an experience and a challenge To ‘hire’ me, although I don’t like to use that word to be strong. That didn’t happen to me, so in about three months we achieved a significant change with strength training. Not that it was spectacular, because Clara Lago’s physical form was already 10, but it was defined for another purpose, “says one from Chivilcoy (Argentina).

Incidentally, Clara Lago is a vegetarian, like Natalie Portman. This means that you do not eat any animals or derivatives, such as eggs or dairy products. With regard to supplementation, you always need to be careful whether or not you are a vegetarian, in Giachetta’s opinion. essential nutrients for life, “If you’re a vegetarian, you have to be more careful about what you eat, because Verde Not enough. You can be very healthy by being a vegetarian But in some cases it will be necessary that you take a supplement like vitamin B12 in your diet so that there is no deficiency. However, you may reach a large muscle mass and not have poor physical or sports performance, as is the case with Dani Rovira”.

Can you have your body?

what they have to care people who are inspired by a famous character As advised by the coaches, in order to stay in shape, an actress spends months completely devoted to her role. “She’s not an administrative worker with eight hours in the office or a mom who wakes up in the middle of the night to take care of her son. It’s nice to admire a famous person and even want to look like him.” , But You have to understand lifestyle and genetics Everyone’s”, says Diego Calvo.

We all need to eat, train, and get enough rest to improve muscle growth, the coach insists: “Because if you’re too tired, and it’s not talked about, Muscles won’t grow as you expect“, indicates Calvo. Furthermore, Marten Giachetta clarifies, when large loads are transferred, there should always be a advised by a good professional so as not to get hurt.

“We talk about percentages, such as 70%, 80% or 100%, the so-called RM or maximum repetition, If a person does not lift more than 40kg in a specific exercise, after the test, they can work to improve, but their emotional state will always be affected, if they slept and ate well that day.. . Training with a very wide range, from strength to strength resistance”.

Are Canons Changing?

Queen Letizia with a 'cut out' dress from the Cero Woman brand that made her abs an act p.  was marked in
Queen Letizia, with a ‘cut out’ dress from the Cero Woman brand that marked her belly in a public act.Gtres

Absolutely yes, answer both experts. “Women want to look strong for health’s sake. That doesn’t mean they train exactly like men and want to look as hypertrophied as possible. We speak of a useful force to eat the world, You can be strong, can be very Suitable And stay thin”, explains Giachetta, who thinks there’s still a lot of mythology regarding lifting weights. “Think of a professional lifter woman or, by personal desire, you have a level of discipline that Can affect while making a career. Just hold or in case of flexibility.

To all other female athletes, ordinary citizens who train to stay fit and have fun, it’s very hard to get big musculature Even by genetics, apostille. “When we see Queen Letizia show off her worked-out arms or very pretty abs, I’m not saying she leads the way, but that she is changing the way she looks and feels about the body on a fashion and social level. I emphasize: the strong are not hypertrophied”, explains Argent.

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