National mourning in Cuba while rescue continues for people trapped in ruins of Hotel Saratoga


Firefighters believe that 15 people trapped in the ruins are in the basement of the hotel.

An explosion destroys Saratoga Hotel in the center of HavanaWorld
  • Cuba At least 22 people have been killed in a massive explosion at the Saratoga Hotel in Havana.

night has come Havana The seat of the National Assembly of the People’s Power, a few meters from the Capitol, amid national mourning caused by a gas explosion in the heart of the capital. Union Elctrica deployed light bulbs to reduce the traditional darkness of the Havana night and thus . facilitated the work of firefighters and rescuersOne who continued to search for at least a dozen, who went missing due to a gas leak, have left Hotel SaratogaOne of the most emblematic of the island.

firefighters believe 15 people stranded Among the ruins lies the basement of the hotel complex, for which he was momentarily paralyzed to clear the rubble for fear of falling further. The rescue of a survivor was celebrated around midnight.

In-spite of this, Officials put the death toll at 22. extended toIn which a pregnant woman and a minor are also included. Of 42 hospitalized, 18 are in critical or critical condition. Even hospitals have been approached by hundreds of Havanavasis to donate blood.

Social networks were flooded with messages from relatives of the missing, most of them hotel employees, preparing to reopen next week. A two-week shutdown forced by the pandemic,

Despite a good portion of its façade remaining empty, officials assure that Saratoga has not suffered irreparable structural damage, Not so do Cuban architects in Miami, who doubt the building will face the consequences of an explosion. It was rehabilitated at the beginning of this century to reopen, Hotel Saratoga Mixes the new construction (interior and two upper floors) with the old one, especially the façade itself.

Reynaldo Garcia Zapatathe governor of Havanaassured on national television that they are 23 affected buildings In addition to the Concepcion Arenal School, the Marte Theater and the El Calvario Baptist Church, which houses one of the oldest iron domes on the continent, from the explosion, including 17 for housing.

among the wounded five school children, in whose classrooms they were celebrating a Mother’s Day party, when a blast happened and the world fell on them. According to the photo published on the social network by his father, one of them was Gerson, who is recovering from his injuries in the hospital.

A few meters away, in the Baptist Temple, the drama multiplied. “It fell upon me and Father Hochi to carry the already dead body of a young man. It was difficult to place him on the floor of the church portal, where we later found the body of another young girl and later a dead woman. kept. . I cried as if they were my child or my brotherreported evangelical pastor Adiel Gonzalez.

“We will draw experience, we will evaluate the damage and we will recover,” summarized President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who insisted that the investigation be maintained to determine the cause of the gas leak. according to Cuban Gas Company, a liquefied gas tanker with “experienced personnel” carried out regular unloading. The vehicle, which was buried under the rubble and has since been removed from the spot, was carrying 12,300 liters of gas,

In statements to the media of the Castro regime, Alexis Acosta, mayor of Havana Vieja explained that one of the restaurant’s cooks smelled gas, checked the connections and found a crack in the supply hose. “That’s why the explosion happened,” he said.

After being closed for two years because of the pandemic, Saratoga was finalizing details of the reopening for foreign tourists. Personalities and celebrities have paraded through its five-star facilities, such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, rihanna hey mike jagger, who offered his Rolling Stones colleagues a historic concert to the city a few days after Barack Obama’s visit to the island. Madonna also celebrated her 58th birthday in Saratoga.

There were only workers inside the establishment, who are the majority of the victims of the incident. A tragedy that would have multiplied if Saratoga exploded with 100 rooms available to its guests.

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