NATO expects Zelensky to personally attend Madrid summit


Defense ministers debate in Brussels over Turkey’s blockade for the merger of Sweden and Finland, who have difficulty arriving in time for appointments to Spain.

President of Ukraine Zelensky in Kyiv.
President of Ukraine Zelensky in Kyiv.Sergei DolzhenkoEFE
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From February this year, the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, He has repeatedly asked European and world leaders for help, arms, Russia’s boycott, sanctions and compromise. He scolded, insulted and begged him for the group’s interference in European councils or NATO summits. Or in the speeches of almost all of his colleagues, allies and neighbors to the parliaments. Until now, Zelensky has always done it by videoconferencing, because although he frequently walks across his country, even on the war front, have not crossed the limits, But if circumstances allow it – an escalation of war but also security measures – NATO hopes to personally attend the Madrid summit at the end of the month to deliver its message.

“The President is invited to address all the leaders. If he comes in person he is welcome, but if he cannot, he will do it again by videoconferencing. We look forward to hearing your intervention And allies are very committed to showing their support and solidarity not only with words but also with deeds. The President already spoke to us at the last summit and will do so again in Madrid in two weeks,” the Alliance Secretary General said, Jens Stoltenberg.

NATO defense ministers meet today and tomorrow in Brussels to analyze the security situation on the east coast, to hear Ukrainian demands for arms and ammunition, and to prepare for the Madrid summit, where the agreement will be ratified.strategic concept‘, The Allied Roadmap for the Next Decade. The text is being discussed and discussed, and the Coalition is expected to prepare it over the weekend before meeting in our country.

Zelensky’s physical presence doesn’t change the essence of the meeting, but everyone in the headquarters and in the capitals understands symbolic power of a journey, The president has not been able to leave the country, or is not wanted in the midst of Russian propaganda campaigns that constantly point to his flight, but sources in the Alliance state that “if done, there is no better opportunity than this”. Supported and supported by 30 of the world’s major democracies.

,I’m not optimistic that I can go. It will be decided by him and only by him and 24 hours in advance, based on the situation which is impossible to predict. I’m not optimistic, but it will be an unbelievable image”, explains an associated source. 30 has already discussed the possibility, there are different scenarios for possible displacement, which need not only be a huge one to guarantee their safety. Deployment would be required, not only to leave but to return to Ukraine but there would be no confirmation until the last minute.

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Ministers will focus this week on how to deal with it Ukraine is needed on the battlefield. Stoltenberg has defended Allied efforts to do everything possible these months, despite the fact that Kyiv regrets that they have barely 10% of what was requested and a plethora of things needed to protest. Made a very clear list, starting from tank

“We will see the minister to discuss improving the delivery. Allies and partners have given unprecedented support in recent months and have supported by training Ukrainian troops since 2014. They are better prepared and stronger since then and this There’s a reason they’ve resisted aggression. Since February we’ve moved out of Ukraine with more advanced equipment, heavier weapons systems and training. It’s always important to coordinate and we’re consulting to see That’s what they need, how to send weapons and how to maintain them so they can survive. Make a difference. That’s what we’ll talk about with the minister today. We want to modernize them to go from Soviet-era equipment to modern NATO equipment, “The Secretary General said in his speech to the media.

There is currently no progress in Sweden and Finland. Turkey continues to hold off on the start of formal talks for an accession process. Stoltenberg has been its chief of staff in the Nordic countries and Ankara in recent days to listen to Turkey’s grievances. Negotiations are ongoing, and there is a lot of pressure from Washington, but the aim is as far as both countries can be with the legal status of guests in Madrid.

They will be sure to have a session with partners like Georgia or Ukraine, as well as partners like Australia and New Zealand. and at the dinner hosted by the President Pedro Sanchez, But a formal process has to be completed to be able to attend all sessions. Alliance sources do not rule out that some final drama will happen and approval could be obtained in Madrid on the eve of the summit, but it is unclear. Normally, this was already done between ambassadors, but if the signatures came from the leaders themselves, it would give more power to the act of reconciliation.

Turkey hasn’t left behind yet, He hopes to pull out concrete things like arms embargo policy changes, and he has serious prospects. “We maintain close and constant contact. We are very aware of Turkey’s concerns and we look for ways to find solutions as soon as possible so that both can become members immediately. I cannot say exactly, but when will be in NATO We discuss the differences we discuss and we find a way forward,” said the Norwegian.

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