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Final MVP elevates their legend. In the last game he settled accounts with Celtics fans and commentators criticizing him.

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Stephen Curry He didn’t need Finals MVP, because there’s no greater legacy than changing the game. To define the basketball of an era. The Golden State Warriors’ point guard marks the transition from vertical to horizontal dominance: no one was able to defend multiple times, without needing the ball so far from the rim.

as your friend said Drummond Green, its impact is measured by changes in the NBA over the past decade. Today’s style originated from the reign of Curry. How would this not be the domain. How is a Finals MVP award going to add to that legacy.

And yet part of the story of these finalists claimed that Stephen Curry proves himself right. That despite winning three rings, two MVPs in the regular stage, the best shooter ever (and best three-point shooter), after changing the NBA board, he had to take the fourth ring crown with a memorable performance. was needed.

Of the three finals these Warriors won, Stephen Curry, who defines them, was the best of none. In 2015, the award was Andre Igodalawhose defense lebron james I changed the tie. and in 2017 and 2018 Kevin Durant,

If the final was yet to see the most destructive version of Stephen Curry, his last two are at TD Garden in Boston: 43 points from the fourth round to tie the tie, and 34 points from the last to win the ring. The Warriors’ legitimacy was questioned after a loss in the 2019 final, Curry propelled them back to the top.

,[Curry] miss a lot Tim Duncan, From the point of view of human and genius,” he explained Steve Kerro, Duncan’s former teammate at Spurs and now Curry’s coach at Warriors. “Humility, confidence… It’s a wonderful mix that makes the whole team want to win for him. Without him, it wouldn’t be possible. For me, that’s his glory.”

“What are you going to say now!?”

In the run-up to the sixth game, Stephen Curry was asked whether the harsh tone in the stands in the final had bothered him. insult, taunt (something, without malice but unnecessary, directed at his wife or daughter). Curry replied that he was the first to complete that training. And when the day of the coronation came, I paid the bills.

After hitting a 3-pointer that took the Warriors to a 22-point third-quarter lead, Curry walked onto the bench while looking at the stands and pointed to the ring finger of his right hand, saying, “Put the fucking ring on me. !” After a triple that quelled the Celtics’ reaction in the fourth quarter, he pointed to send Boston to the gold.

The list was long after three years of despair. And there was more at a press conference, where he made a ‘zero’ gesture with his fingers to joke kendrick perkinsThe ex-champion with the Celtics turned into a crude polemist who criticized his renewal (over $200 million) last summer, alleging he would never win a ring again.

“This ring is different because of the three-year backpack since the 2019 final. Now I can say this, I don’t know how many teams could have lived up to all those expectations for so long, compared with [grandes] Teams past, and come back on top again,” Curry said at a news conference.

The load of being on top for so long, having endured the bumps over the years to see how the asterisk is on every ring.

This is why the phrase most frequently repeated in the warriors’ celebration was “What are they going to say now!? What are they going to say now!”. Knowing that, after changing the league in the case of Curry after four rings (and six finals) in eight seasons, his legacy is history.

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