NBA: Juancho Hernangmez: “My season, my life, my career… everything has been a roller coaster” | nba 2021

After an awkward year in which he went through three teams, further premieres “Claw”, an ambitious Netflix film in which he stars alongside Adam Sandler. “We have so much money that it’s no longer a priority,” he says of his future

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“Did you like it?”, receives Juancho HernangmezIntrigue as a first-timer, feet up, at a central Madrid hotel. Because the reason for the meeting is not the end of his sixth season in the NBA, but the premiere of “Garra” on Netflix next June 8 (in theaters tomorrow), the film in which he stars. Adam Sandler, In passing, his career ahead of Madrid, his summer with the national team and his future in the air. “Life is a fucking charm and I love it that way,” he says.

How did you end up making a movie?
completely unexpected. I was still playing in Denver and my agents told me they were doing a worldwide casting call, looking for a player-turned-actor. We won the World Cup, but my contract with the NBA was at stake. And it was never my dream to become an actor nor did I see myself making films. I didn’t tell them. Later, already in Minnesota, Covid arrived. He asked me again. I hid with my sister and brother at their house in Charlotte (Chant He was playing for the Hornets then). And out of a bit of boredom, as my sister insisted, we made a video: Very poor, lousy. I don’t know what they saw. I went through testing and casting and finally, after a few meetings with the director (Jeremiah Zagri) and with Adam, they really liked it. And he caught me.
And what do you feel now when you see yourself on screen?
Poof. I do not feel anything. It’s so proud to see my people love it, that they get excited, because they know how hard it has been. One cannot imagine how difficult it is to make a film and one cannot feel what I have felt. Two heats, confinement, PCR, effort, several hours on set… I was tired of training and had to leave. In two hours, two years of work, this is brutal.
What was the hardest?
View of Mallorca, When They Find Me. We spent five or six days recording. Had to play in Timberlands (shoes). Defend, run, over and over again. His legs were broken, he could not jump or run, he weighed two kilos. My whole body hurt and the directors didn’t understand it. In the end they did and we changed the script and the scenes. Otherwise it was inhumane.
We watch him until he cries?
It was very emotional. Since this is a world I have no control over and I have no idea of ​​being an actor, I lived it every day as a new experience. I worked hard to be an actor, the whole summer with my teacher Noel Gentile. It is because of him that I have made the film, he has guided me in every scene. It has helped me, and in basketball, to see things in a different way, because we have meditated.
What lesson does ‘Paw’ teach?
This is a sign for life, not just basketball. The lesson is that life goes on, it doesn’t stop for anyone. That’s why tough moments are not so difficult and good moments are fleeting. We won the World Cup and this is a phase that is closing in. Later, I experienced shoulder injury and bad things in my life, very tough moments, but I don’t regret anything, I won’t change anything. Everything has helped me become who I am. I love that life is such, a fucking attraction, what goes up, goes down. If it was all nice, simple and easy, we wouldn’t enjoy it so much.
Juancho and Adam Sandler.
Juancho and Adam Sandler.Netflix

“If you’re dead, no one can kill you,” he tells Bo Cruz, his character. Do you find parallels with your career?
My weather, my life, my career… everything has been a roller coaster. This year I have been quite mentally calm. Being a great professional, doing your job. in each team [tres en una temporada] I have given the same though I have more or less got opportunities. I’ve been to Boston, I know the city, a winning team. I was able to train with Tatum and Jaylen Brown, who are gamers. I haven’t played much, but I don’t blame anyone for anything. A coach may or may not like it, or the game may fit into the system. then i ended up playing for Greg Popovich, Two weeks with the best coach in the world. And then some playoffs in Utah, competing in them for the first time. I finished very well, happy, I adapted to jazz games very well, they loved me so much and I connected with the city and the players.
Your future was decided on 30th June, after so many ups and downs, what now?
Money is no longer important. Once you can live in peace, your children, your children’s children… We have so much money that it’s not a priority. I can’t tell you what’s going to happen. My goal is to stay in the NBA, compete with the best. against Durant, Giannis, LeBron, Doncio… it is the inspiration that wakes me up every day. there is no other.
Juancho and Anthony Edwards in a scene from Gaara.
Juancho and Anthony Edwards in a scene from Gaara.Netflix

Do you feel like you are pigeonholing your game?
I keep training every summer to be the most complete player I can be. Again, it depends on the team’s game system, role… Because the NBA is a role game. Some are stars and specialist players. Thanks to them the team works. What if I want to be an expert and I customize the equipment? I can be. If I have to be more versatile and do more things? I can be too. I don’t want to pigeonhole myself in my head. I train to polish my skills and strengthen my skills.
Will you go back to Europe?
I don’t deny anything, because we don’t know the future. It is true that I told my agent that I didn’t want to talk to anyone till June 30. Many rumors surfaced. All the teams in Europe wanted me every day. It was fickle. I have no preference, the day I have to return, I will choose the best position. The colors of one team or the other don’t bother me anymore. I don’t owe anyone anything, I don’t feel under that pressure. I stay very calm.
After the personal fuss of sports, is there a willingness to choose?
Yes, it’s always special. It is a matter of pride for me and my family. We play for nothing, just for our pride and love of basketball. To compete with your country. Every time we wear a shirt it is a feeling that cannot be compared to any other. We are very happy with the national team, we have won a world cup, they have taught us a lot… I am looking forward to the new project, the new generation, to make it clear that we are neither Pau, it’s Ricky, it’s Navarro, Sorry, we don’t have that talent. But we have to forge our own path, create our own style of play. And it’s an inspiring thing. It is clear that we are not going to win even half of what they have won. But it also inspires us.
Do you feel like the leader of the new age?
I don’t like the use of the word leader. You don’t have to put it on yourself. You have to prove it every day, every training session, every time you speak, every time there is a bad situation, every defeat. Being a leader is very difficult, you have to earn it.

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