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A Russian general was assassinated in the east of UkraineAs reported by a Russian state media reporter, adding to the series of high-ranking military casualties by Moscow.

Information published on Telegram messaging application by state television reporter alexander sladkovIt did not say exactly when and where the general was assassinated. Roman Kutuzov,

In 2019, on the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense, it was listed as Acting Commander of the Joint 29th Army,

According to news agency eukarniform, dangerouswhere it is believed that he may die Kutuzov, some units of the 150th Motorized Rifle Division of the 8th Military Army of the Russian Federation suffered significant losses. This is at least 50% of the personnel, weapons and equipment.

Russian army intensifies attacks to capture severodonetska major city in the eastern region of donbasi of Ukraine what Moscow After failing to take the capital, Kyiv, in the first objective guera,

Russia It already classifies military deaths as a state secret even in peacetime and has not updated its official casualties in Ukraine since March 25, when it said that 1,351 Russian soldiers He had been dead since the start of his military campaign on 24 February.

Russia says it is conducting a “special military operation” designed to demilitarize Ukraine And get rid of the nationalists who threaten the Russian-speaking population. Ukraine and reject the claims of the West Russia under the pretext of attacking.

The Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom has assured in part of its guera diary that Russia There seems to have been significant loss among junior and mid-ranking executives Ukraine,

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Russian generals have been killed continuously. The first was killed in an ambush on a column of tanks headed for Kyiv: Magomed Tushayev he was loyal to the dictator Ramzan Kadyrov In Chechnya, where he had a reputation as a “homosexual harasser”. The last, before the death of Kutuzov, was killed nearby on May 2. izumeIn a school that has become the Army’s Second Forward Command donbasi, Andrei SimonovThe 55-year-old, an expert in cyber warfare, was killed when several Ukrainian missiles hit a convoy of 30 armored vehicles. The main target of the bombing was the front-line mission. Valery GerasimovAppeared with the Supreme Russian Commander Vladimir Putin In Kremlin Just got out of school.

To find death figures for such high-ranking officials, you have to go back 80 years: during second World WarAccording to the data collected by the historian, about 235 Soviet generals died in the war. Alexander Maslovy, But even in the worst of times, from June 1941 to November 1942, when red Army cordoned off Wehrmacht In StalingradAverage number of losses among top commanders sent by Moscow It was six o’clock in the month. At least today’s figures.

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