New PlayStation subscription plans make users lose their discounts


Players who decide to upgrade from PlayStation Plus Essentials to PS Plus Extra or Premium will have to pay the difference without any prior offers

new subscription plans
New PlayStation Subscription PlansPlay Station
  • Video game There’s already a date for the new PlayStation Plus, Sony’s game subscription service

Playing online for free is something that seems to be from the last century. Years ago, PlayStation users got used to buying annual subscriptions at the beginning of the year to play games with their friends, although there are other types of subscriptions with different durations.

Sony, the company that develops the PlayStation, often offers 25% off at the beginning of the year. With this cut, access to the PlayStation Plus Essential subscription goes from 59.99 to 45, according to the prices on the official page.

Until now, PlayStation only had one subscription method, but so far June 23 Users have to choose which of the three forms they want to buy. And that’s where the alert jumps in.

This innovation has already reached several Asian countries and players have condemned that, by switching from one form of membership to another in the annual bonus, they lose the discount with which he had obtained membership at the beginning of the year.

That is, if a person receives an annual bonus with a 25% discount and pays 45, then now when they want to buy the next tier (PlayStation Plus Extra) or the higher tier (PlayStation Plus Premium). You will have to pay the difference without taking into account the discount.,

PlayStation Plus Extra Has One 99.99 price, A person who has paid for PlayStation Plus Essentials must pay: 40 difference, But those who got the discount at the beginning of the year will have to pay Rs 54.99.

In the case of those who contract PlayStation Plus Premium with a cost of 119.99, they get a . have to pay Difference of 60 instead of 74.99.

with these new packages playstation plus essentials Offers core features including access to online multiplayer, two PS4 or PS5 games to download each month, and discounts.

Plan playstation plus astra Combines all the benefits of the essential catalog of downloadable games.

Thief playstation pluspremium You get all the benefits of the previous plans, limited time game trials, classic titles, and live streaming. streaming In the cloud to enjoy without waiting for the game to be downloaded.

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