New York raises the age of buying an assault rifle from 18 to 21


The new laws prohibit large-capacity chargers, as well as prohibit the sale of bulletproof vests and body protection devices.

Gun shop where assault rifles can be purchased in Yuma, Arizona.
Gun shop where assault rifles can be purchased in Yuma, Arizona.Patrick T. FallonAFP

Governor of New York, Kathy HochuluThis Monday turned into law for several measures tighten gun control And the main one raises the age to buy an assault weapon from 18 to 21, and would also require a license.

With this measure, New York joined the states, which already had some of the most restrictive laws in the country. Florida, Hwy, Illinois, Vermont and Washingtonwhich limits the age to purchase certain types of long arms to 21, while Utah Consider a similar offer.

Amid new laws, large-capacity chargers are banned, as well as the sale of Bulletproof vest and body protection equipment who do not need to work.

Similarly, new laws make it a crime to threaten assault and require law enforcement to share and report confiscated weapons in state and federal databases. The state will also require social networks to monitor and report hateful behavior on its platforms.

Last Thursday, with a Democratic majority, the legislature approved a package of measures, as demanded by Hochul, the scene of a shooting in downtown Buffalo that killed 10 people and injured three, eleven of whom were black. in which the author, Peyton S GendronAn 18-year-old white male used an assault rifle.

Gendron also wore a bulletproof vest and a protective helmet – as are now prohibited – with a camera attached to him to live-stream his crime.

Following the incident, the Attorney General’s office announced that it would investigate the websites used by the youth to carry out and broadcast the attack. Gendron also left a manifesto that listed their racist and white supremacist views and explained his plan of attack in detail.

Shortly after the attack, 19 children and two teachers were killed in another shooting at a school in Uvalde (Texas),

“Thoughts and prayers won’t fix this. But strong action will. And we will do it on behalf of those who have lost,” said Hochul, who attended the rally in Los Angeles County. the bronxWhere in April last, a 16-year-old student leaving school was shot dead and in May an eleven-year-old girl was killed.

“Gun violence is a disease that is destroying our country and is now the number one killer of children,” he said, and recalled a hospital shooting Oklahoma with four deaths last week, and this weekend philadelphiaWhere three people lost their lives and 11 were injured.

The new law also makes it an offense to sell firearms that cannot be micro-stamped, an innovative ammunition marking technology that identifies bullets and cartridges with a unique fingerprint each time a firearm is fired.

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