Nicaragua: A Catholic bishop enters an indefinite fast and is besieged by dictatorship


The government decided to censor and air the Catholic channel, which broadcasts the bishop’s protest and which is related to the Episcopal Convention of Nicaragua.

Rolando, Bishop of Matagalpa
Rolando Lavarez, Bishop of Matagalpa.AFP
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“I’ll be in prayer, I’m going to have an exorcism out of here, I’ll pray.” Monsignor Rolando lvarez, Bishop of Matagalpa, has been fasting with water and serum since last Friday in protest against the persecution and persecution perpetrated by Sandinismo. Still one of the strongest voices against the dictatorship in Nicaragua, the cleric decided to seek refuge in the Santo Cristo de Esquipulas parish, which was immediately surrounded by revolutionary agents.

The government also decided to censor and air the Catholic channel, which broadcasts bishops’ protests and which is related to the Episcopal Convention of Nicaragua. “I have to say to all these police brethren who are in and around the hills temple, I have nothing against them, I love the people who have been chasing me all day and I believe that you have received orders. do and fulfill them” stressed bishops communicating with their parishioners via Facebook during a sermon last Friday.

Monsignor Alvarez faced hours of harassment from Sandinista police last Thursday, who also broke into the house of one of her nieces, where she was having dinner. “They came to my family’s house risking our safety. The insecurity in this country is because of the police“, condemned the bishop, who is not the only priest persecuted by the regime. Father Harving Padilla, the parish priest of San Juan Bautista de Masaya, announced to the country that he was surrounded by paramilitary forces and police for a week.

“Sandinista guards do not allow parishioners to enter the priesthood. They have positioned themselves around the perimeter of the church and closed the streets,” Father Padilla warned Sunday, with agents stationed outside his church. After trying to negotiate with, an impossible objective. “You who are the policemen, are committing the crime,” alleged the priest.

“We are experiencing difficult times as a nation and as a church it is our duty to proclaim the truth of the gospel. We express our solidarity with our brother Monsignor Rolando lvarez, who is fighting for his personal safety. feel concerned,” Nicaragua’s Episcopal Conference said in a statement today after several days, during which opponents and activists called for a tough stance from both Catholic leaders and Pope Francis.

Among those who responded Friday from their exile in the United States were Monsignor Silvio José Baez, Assistant Archbishop of Managua, and Father Edving Roman, who recalled how in 1983, during their stay at the seminary, they saw a young man running . Sandinista persecution: “He was the guy who coordinated Catholic youth groups nationally. That day I met what would be Monsignor Rolando lvarez years later.”

A wave of unity has run in the area due to the opposition of the parents., Catholic leaders in Costa Rica and Panama have screamed in heaven, learning that Caudillo Daniel Ortega has named the clergy as his great enemy after the country’s main leaders and activists were imprisoned or forced into exile. “They are Judas and they are Cain, they are the ones who finally celebrated the martyrdom of Christ. They are the ones who kissed Judas at the end,” Ortega preached during last Holy Week.

The brutal repression of the Sandinista dictatorship after the 2018 social uprising has claimed the lives of more than 350 people. Ortega keeps more than 170 political prisoners in his dungeon.

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