Nick Cave, the king of Primavera Sound’s darkest night


The Australian takes to the stage for the first time since the death of his son less than a month ago and offers one of the most memorable concerts on Saturday night, a day marked by the Transcendental.

Australian Nick Cave at tonight's concert.
Australian Nick Cave at tonight’s concert.serious albertPrimavera Sound
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And on the third day it was dark. Yesterday, Primavera Sound experienced a day of music that wasn’t exactly happy after two days that went between chaos and piss off, via Rigoberta Bandini, Friday Night. On Saturday, the tone was different. more introspection, MS Transcendental, less dominant party. Focusing on a single day is what Bauhaus, Napalm Death and Einstragende Neubotten have for what they have. But the hero was another. It wasn’t even six of the evening and Nick Cave’s name was already slipping through most of the conversations among the attendees.

Almost everyone assumed that the Australian would cancel their performance at the festival following the news death of his son Jethro Cave, 31, less than a month ago, on May 9. The 64-year-old artist was at the time in charge of communicating the death of his eldest son, with whom he had no relationship until Jethro was seven years old. Another episode is added to the deadly news: in 2015, another Cave son (Arthur, Earl’s twin, both 15 years old at the time) also died after falling from one of the Brighton cliffs under the influence of LSD. How do you bear so much pain? How do you go out singing in front of thousands of people after doing something like this?

The cave is always surrounded by a certain dark legend And he has taken care of her. The cave is like that of a priest and has a pagan ceremony to attend his concerts. I came out on stage like thunder, with that steamroller that’s get ready for loveThe thunderstorm continued, touching the arms of the front row fan there she goes my beautiful world open, giving karate kick In the air, backed by an effective gospel choir that confirmed that yes, we were in awe. hyperactive, running from end to end of the stage, the first moment of rest came with the piano hey baby, Hey kids / Forgive us now for what we’ve done. A su lado, su feel escudero Warren Ellis,

Then he sat down at the piano and began to introspect, with exceptions such as the much-awaited red right hand, who had come to start some dancing. Cave wasn’t particularly talkative between songs, but he ended Ghoshtin speaksOne of the songs from his latest album, ghostinHow . a treatise on take the pain and turn it into art whose verses (I’m beside you) speak for yourself. A little more to add.

dig in a cat moment
Dig into a catharsis moment in concert.Sergio AlbertPrimavera Sound

started with noon minimal and clinical pop Two Good Doses of Metaphysics for the Catalan by Ferran Palau, who made his concert debut with Kevin and the University millennium With an envelope and a seemingly harmless electronic base in the background. Palau is a prolific songwriter: he has a special gift for going from light to tattooable without the blink of an eye, and this is reflected in much of the applause-like lyrics. Amor. Its calm tempo was the perfect starting point for an afternoon in which Lou’s dark and somewhat messy pop could also be heard, one of them. Indie Legends of the 90s Those who have a certain condition and preferential treatment in Primavera. Led by married couple Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), the group revealed part of their recent new album, hey what,

Ferran Palau at his concert in the afternoon
Ferran Palau at his concert at Primavera Sound on Saturday afternoon.Estrella Kimberly RossPrimavera Sound

One of the groups receiving the royal highness treatment in the frum are Einstragende Neubotten, which is synonymous with that r.Oak Industrial, Intellectual and not suitable for the earthly palate (from school rockdelux, we go). There was some anticipation to see their leader, Blixa Bargeld, perform on the same stage as the cave hours earlier. Berliner was part of Cave’s band, The Bad Seeds, during the group’s most barbaric period and suddenly said goodbye (to) E-mailHowever, later both of them made peace.

Blixa Bargeld in full concert by Einstein
Blixa Bargeld in full concert of Einstrzende Neubauten.Sergio AlbertPrimavera Sound

In black from head to toe, barefoot, with silver gleam in the eyes excitementBargeld begins the concert in mode preacher pastor, after some hypnotic songs in mode Velvet And with some jokes about covid and how frightening the world has always been, the hard part began. One day there will only be grass in this town, with noises that look like transistors from the ’80s they sang.

Then came the air raid sirens, the sounds of guttural, existential suffocation Music Made Even the screen broadcasting the concert was painted black and white, while Bargeld’s voice seemed to be praying for him to come. Apocalypse, trumped a knife-sharp-style squeak. Hard drug, ideal for hangovers. The only thing missing was this first part of the festival to invoke the darkness that reigned at the end of the festival. luckily we went dua lipa,

It was a relief to enjoy among so many white middle-aged men with existential problems. Jorja Smith, which pleased the larger English public (Frume becomes a county-appendix to the United Kingdom during the Feast). At just 24 years old, Smith has the poise and class to dish out. their R&B infectious and the joy was increasing in intensity until immersed digging. A ray of light in the middle of a storm.

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