Niklas Nut och Dag: “Swedish neutrality has always been a hoax”

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The streets of Stockholm’s historic center are so narrow that in some parts you can touch the walls of houses on both sides as soon as you open your arms. Craft shops, absence of cars, worn-out road stones and age-old taverns throughout Spring Walk Prepared for InstagramA walk that usually ends at the crowning hill of the Swedish Academy, which awarded the Nobel Prize.

But before getting there, in the Buggensgatan street, where the town’s brothels were concentrated in the eighteenth century, Niklas Knight and DayGlad to see who might never win a Nobel Prize a dog poop, The author who has refurbished a Scandinavian crime novel is excited to be able to find a remnant of the Swedish capital’s vast mountain of dirt from 200 years ago and paint it without skimping on the grim details in the trilogy that is now ending. has gone. 1795 (Salamandra) will reveal on June 2 how the hunt ends for Jean-Michael Cardel and mile Wing, the strange pair of investigators who have turned this 42-year-old writer into a half-world sales phenomenon.

Niklas Nut och Dag shows the same degree in interviews and while walking through the most emblematic places of his novels. pessimism who communicated his books. As Nick Cave sang 25 years ago people are not nicePeople are just not nice. “I don’t think there are people who are good at heart, it seems more common to think that we all have personal reasons to do things that feel good,” the authors explain. The terrifying perversions of its villain, the sadistic aristocrat Tycho Seton, and the dubious morals of his oppressors eschew the idea that the end justifies the means, affirming this dark moral vision of man.

I don’t think there are good people at heart

“In normal life, most of us have a natural instinct to be nice,” the Weird author continues on her black turtleneck and double-breasted suit jacket. “When you meet someone you try to be polite and nice, but suddenly the other person says they voted for the Nazi Party, and they explain their reason and reason to you. And until the system distances you. And the consequences of your actions, it can be really terrifying but you don’t feel bad about it, which is very strange. It’s devastating that humanity acts like this. That’s why on a personal level we are so are good, but on a global scale everything is slowly heading towards disaster.”

You will only find rot and stench in the city between the bridges. Mutilated bodies, covered with scars and frozen fingers, find shelter from the bedbugs in wine bottles, the slime and smallpox that engulf the entrails. There are scattered houses with low ceilings that smell of tallow and whale oil, Stockholm’s population is like the crew of a shipwreck, We are in 1795, it stinks and life has no value. “Human nature hasn’t changed since then. That’s what I first thought of when studying documents from the 18th century,” explains Niklas Knut och Dag. “The only difference is that we now have the ability to deal more damage.”

Niklas nut och dag en el casco histo
Niklas Nut och Dag in the historical center of Stockholm.salamander

As Cardell puts it, “From afar the future looks very beautiful, but up close you see it is full of dirt.” “I can imagine a future in which rich countries have birth control and sterilization pump in the third world, I can imagine a world in which malaria vaccine distribution is restricted in Africa because we are 10,000 million inhabitants. And he continues shortly in An Environmental Key: “Shortness and human greed will condemn all species to extinction. My grandchildren’s grandchildren will drink poisoned water because I want a Tesla. The thing is, to build an electric car.” Even minerals collected by children in China are used. It’s all terrible,” he concluded.

My grandchildren’s grandchildren will drink poisoned water because I want a Tesla

In his explanation, the war in Ukraine soon unfolds, leading Sweden to join NATO after two centuries of neutrality. “No country has done anything since the annexation of Crimea in 2014. ‘There is nothing we can do, and certainly nothing will happen.’ willingly and who has left the war veteran to his fate as the hero of his trilogy.

“Swedish neutrality has always been a hoax,” he continues. ,There has been a great deal of cowardice in my country, Norway was occupied by the Nazis, as was Denmark, and Sweden tried its best to play with both sides. It is well known that the Germans used Sweden to move troops north, at the same time we had good relations with the Allies, so we came unchanged from World War II, and this marked an economic and social golden age. build out. Because of that Swedish self-esteem was high. We were this nation that was above a war. We were all a little more developed than humans. And all that has collapsed in a matter of seconds.”

Swedish neutrality has always been a fraud

Despair is also one of the qualities of the protagonist of his novels, a grumpy one-armed guard and a shrewd police assistant as he is battered from the inside out. they are also included remorse and intense guilt, which are the fuel of its prey. “I guess I’m interested in those feelings because I have them myself, not in a very exaggerated way, but yes, I’m tormented by a lot of selfish behavior that can hurt other people.”

The villains’ motivations are more complex in this story. He simply enjoys watching people die, and he does so in the company of a fraternity of bourgeoisie and aristocrats who, under the guise of corruption, gather for the bloody restless. “There were societies of such men at the time, very rare, but not so violent. Eumenides are an invention, although it is true that reality always surprises you for the worse. Think of Jeffrey Epstein’s Island of Sexual Abuse.” He misses the author. “Power and money corrupt people. When you have a lot of money, I think there comes a moment when you feel better than the rest. And you wonder, why do I have to pay attention to the laws like everyone else? And who cares if I hurt someone along the way? That’s when you start falling for Jeffrey Epstein.”

In all three books, childhood serves to explain the characters’ motivations, and the same thing happened with Natt och Dag, who Comes from Sweden’s oldest aristocratic familywhich dates to the thirteenth century, and who soon learned to despise the elitism that distinguishes the substandard 1795, “My parents divorced at the worst possible age, when I was eight. I was old enough to realize that something terrible was happening to my family, but I didn’t understand the complexity of relationships. , so I instinctively blamed myself. Everything. Then I downplayed my belief in love as a complement,” he says. She adds: “My father was a wealthy company manager and my mother was a secretary. He had a large house with a swimming pool and my mother had an apartment, and I lived among them. Many years later My mom told me earlier in the week that I wasn’t with her I ate curd so that I could save and pay for everything that my father could give me.Which, well, is beautiful, but at the same time very sad.”

A few years later his father was sacked and disbanded, and Niklas nat och Dag lost access to the upper class. “I was overjoyed,” he says, “because it’s not a good club to be a part of.” He made a living, working as a journalist for more than a decade, and when he had “two phone calls with no income”, he decided to write a book about two moral vigilantes who lived in this elite group. persecute a cruel and sophisticated member of Such a clean and nice city, but one day it was a big garbage pit.

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