Nine Places Where Artisan Ice Cream (Classic and Original) Are a Vice

Fernando Ferná-Gamez interprets “ice cream, above all, for summer”, despite the fact that over the years it Joy Sweet is already present in all the seasons of our life. Its king is living a sweet moment in Madrid, especially dE hand of the usual ice cream makers and other new arrivals from Italy, Galicia … But all with a common denominator: commitment to what craft, Here’s a selection of nine places where you can fall prey to icy temptations again and again, whether with classic flavors or other very unique flavors.

Los Alpes owner Guillermo Castellot in the process of ice cream.
Los Alpes owner Guillermo Castellot in the process of ice cream.


We started with a historic house in the capital – established in 1950 – with Dio Chufa di Valencia dedicated to the manufacture and sale of ice cream (Italian style), sorbets, cakes, horchata … Raw material of national and international quality (Bronte Pistachio, Valladolid Peon, Talavera Cheese…) and Teaend-to-end handcrafted workThe key to this family business is that Directed by Guillermo and Eva Castello, They themselves make 120 varieties in their workshop in Alto de Extremadura. “We have 65 flavors in the Moncloa store and 58 in Torellodons,” explains Guillermo, a member of a clan closely associated with the cold world. “My father was also the president of ice cream makers in Madrid and Spain,” he recalls. Here’s King Vanilla Ice Cream, But There Are Options for All Tastes: fried pineapple with caramel; Baked Apples and Goat Cheese with Honey… Price. 3.20 euro (wafer) and 2.70 (terine). Addresses: Archpriest of Hita, 6 and Agapito Martinez, 1 (Torelodons).

Waffles with ice cream, Maison Gel .  In
Waffles with ice cream at Maison Gail.

frozen house

Behind this signature is a reference to the sweet world: Ricardo Velez, Moulin Chocolate Leather and Spirit, Right next to that French-inspired pastry shop, the Madrid master founded this charming place, in 2019, Whose ice cream is a cult item. They are made from organic milk and a slow ice cream process, The flavor palette moves between classic and new: Strasciatella; Guanaza Chocolate and Pistachios; Mango and Sherry … or the latest addition, Peaches with Saffron and Pine Nuts, To have more joy, It is better to take them in a wafer, which are made at the moment in front of the customer. Smoothies, croissants, biscuits… complete the experience. Price: 3.50 euros (tub) and 4.75 euros (cone with two balls). Addresses: Ibiza, 42 and Alkal, 77.

Tarina, and Mamu
Tarina in Mam Elba.

mother elba

about six years ago, elba vallejo I decided to make room for artisan ice cream, bio And without sugar, “all” Small workshops in Madrid, Galicia and Alicantewhere they are practically made by hand”, explains this journalist to whom fro dulce crossed their path, first they opened at Sea Bermadez (already closed) and then in Latin neighborhood, Its repertoire offers 72 flavours, traditional and other “specials”, such as lemon or apple pie, Salted Caramel and Mojito, These go well with nougat, hazelnut, pistachio, mango and bitter chocolate Most Requested Ranking, “Loso bio are gluten free and mostly vegetarian because They do not contain ingredients of animal origin. don’t miss the horchata or smoothies With natural fruits. Price: 2 euro (mini craftsman) and 2.50 euro (bio, direction: Ruda, 15.

Kakigori, and Panda Patisserie.
Kakigori, and Panda Patisserie.

panda patisserie

The heat can be felt and this place near Gran Vía prepares for summer tender kakigoriice cream that originated in japan in the eleventh century For the sole pleasure of Japanese emperors and nobles. Today it is one of the most popular snacks in the Asian country and that’s where the idea came from. borja garciaPassionate about Japanese cuisine and thinker Hattori Hanzo, Izakaya In which this pastry chef is. Is monta helda what are they kakigori results in a difficult expansion, the starting point of which is ethereal layers of ice soaked in flavors and syrups“All natural,” says Garcia. It is eaten with a spoon and looks like “freshly fallen snow” in the mouth. They ship six versions this summer (Strawberry, Yuzu, Matcha Azuki, Cookie Chocolate, Kinako and White Chocolate with Salted Caramel and Hazelnut Praline) and in two sizes (3.80 and 5.50 euros). direction: Roman servant, 17.

In Barquillo de Hellado, Biaco de Zedo.
In Barquillo de Hellado, Biaco de Zedo.

ice cream kiss

They come from Galician land Farm Ice CreamTrademark of Copartiva Agaria Provincial de A Corua, which is the subject of Pampered and cared for from the time they reach the point of sale, the essence of these ice cream kissCreamy, gluten free and the intense flavor you have to see in its artistic detail, With 100% natural milk, fresh milk and from your own cows, “We make them from raw materials whose origins we know well, without flavors or colours,” he tells the firm. offer About thirty options: Special creations such as vanilla, nougat from Jijona, chocolate… and honey with walnuts or Cheese with Caramelized Figs, Price: 3 euros (tub) and 4 euros (cone). They have two stores in Madrid (in Arenal, 5 and CC Xanad) and Their product El Colmao Ecolgico . in establishments such asLa Nueva Martina, La Maiga de las Empanadas, La Vaquera…

Ice cream with forest fruits at Gelateria La Romana.
Ice cream with forest fruits at Gelateria La Romana.

La Romana Gelateria

true organization of Ice Cream The craft that has crossed the Italian border – the country that has seen it Born in Rimini over 70 years ago (Emilia-Roma) – and today it is in Germany, Austria, Romania, Dubai… and Spain, where it came out nine years ago (they have two stores in Valencia and seven in Madrid). Key to your success: raw material (Certified organic milk, fresh local fruit, Delicious dishes made in Italylike Avola Almonds or Piedmont Hazelnuts) and respect Heritage Recipes and Techniques By Vito Zucci, the founder of the school run by his sons Massimiliano and Ivano. to trust up to 60 flavorsclassics (grandma’s cookieA, pistachio) and seasonal (strawberry, peach, melon). Price: from 3.20 euros. Address: On the brand’s website.

Taiyakis at La Pesera.
Taiyakis at La Pesera.


Teaching has become quite a phenomenon in just five years and Already have eight storesOne in Valencia and seven in Madrid (including one) food truck) IThe last is inaugurated today near the Royal Palace (Ballon, 13) and on a larger scale: From Friday the 17th to Sunday the 19th they are 100. will give Taikiso, It is a fish-shaped cone – homemade cake, crunchy on the outside and puffed on the inside – with soft ice cream usually made with seasonal products and topped with Toppings many. Menu changes frequently And now they conquer vanilla; yogurt and salted caramel and pink lemonadeLemonade flavored and pink. complete with offer tayakitos You batiyakis, Price: from 4.40 euros. addresses: on the brand’s website.

Z.  In 'Brioche gelato'
‘Brioche Gelato’ at Zccaru.


woman from Palermo about five years ago Rossana Dell’Utri and madrid John Perucho He insisted on having known and opened this ice cream maker, next to the Royal Palace, where he sells Italian products. gelatos fact organic farming with milk, Natural ingredients and lots of care. Star is – together Cannoli– The brioche ice creamA typical Sicilian ice cream eaten in a bite and inside a bun, “Here he does with us El Riojano, Historic Madrid Sweet Shop”Rosana explains. In addition to the classics on its frozen offering, there are new flavors: Crunchy Chocolate and “Other with Cheese Baselike Mascarpone with Figs, Cassata, Grana Padano … we have cones, tubs, milkshakes and continue our famous graniteNatural fruits that have nothing to do with granite And they’re like melting snow”, concluded Rossana. Price: 4.50 euros (brioche ice cream, 3 euro (tub and cone), 3.20 euro (granite, Addresses: Vergara, 16 and Palafox, 20 and have an online store.

Cone of La Dolce Fina.
Cone of La Dolce Fina.

dolce fina

Pure artist. both words sum up well what it is ice cream shop Italian that, in complete confinement, opened pillar artaza (pastry master and ice cream maker) and John Paul Brin, The Wedding of Argentine Entrepreneurs. Its showcases showcase thirty flavours, prepared by the renowned Sergio Dondoli and Sergio Colalucci, masters of Transalpine Country (who usually visit La Dolce Fina every month), whose cuisine is dictated by quality raw ingredients and the season. Beat have pistachios ,Winners of the Copa del Mondo de la Gelateria in 2006), a . made with Mix of Bronte’s dried fruits, They follow him among the most requested, hazelnut ice cream (with almonds from Piedmont); sweet fina (Cream with Saffron Flowers and Caramelized Pine Nuts) and Dulce de Leche (both made especially for Pilar’s complex). their’s natural fruit and chocolate, Price: from 3.50 to 4.50 euros (tub); 4 euros (cone). Addresses: Villanueva, 31 and cc El Encinar (El Encinar de los Reyes).

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