Noam Casket, Journalist Specializing in Sexuality: “It’s Worth Seeking the G-Spot”

A lot has been said about the Noem casket, and not all of them are for the better. The journalist and author, who specializes in sexuality, has been questioned several times for only keeping sex at the center of her work. “There is one point that generates discomfort; they have a lot to do with accusing me of labor intrusion,” he explains, pointing to his training. As they tell us, “A sports journalist doesn’t need to be a footballer, a gastronomic journalist doesn’t need to be a chef and a health journalist isn’t criticized for not being a doctor…, but If you specialize in sexuality, they want you to be a professional.” Become a sexologist.

She is a journalist, directs the program ‘Santa Mandanga’, she loves popcorn and jazz and she has been writing and broadcasting sex for 12 years, something very unusual in our country, “We have Celia Blanco And it stops counting,” she says. author of the trilogyprostitute‘Just presented the novel, with sales of over 150,000 copies’almas’, a biology second part that focuses on the loss of identity and which takes the line that separates good from evil to the limit, a work that has caused much distress. “There are people who are very intimidated by the protagonist. For me it’s a success because building complex characters is so complicated,” he says.

It hasn’t been an easy road, and it isn’t happening. But Noem is not shy and assures that being a writer and broadcaster Sexuality is the only two things he will do for the rest of his life. “I love both aspects, I don’t know if I can choose one. Plus, one thing is different from the other. Now I’m examining the sexual practices of ancient civilizations.” ancestralof Taoism, of ancient Egypt…, it all helps me to write fikin already evolve As a writer and as a journalist.

But at what point does a journalist decide to specialize sexuality?, we ask him; It is not something that is studied in career courses or it is a preference attached to the profession. it was so for him Natural Like the naturalization he defends for sex: “Sometimes we forget that sex is at our core. It’s natural, and what’s natural isn’t questionable,” he tells us. So he started revealing naturally at the age of 14. “My mother always Educated independently, without tabbies, So when I had a question, I asked him and he solved it for me without any problems. When my friends wanted to know something, I also asked my mother and then told her. I liked it and noticed that people like the way they explain things.”


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From there to university, which was a turning point. “I already had a blog sexuality And I a. applied for job in syllabus, The teacher reprimanded me for doing this to attract the attention of the male audience and called me a slut in front of the whole class. Then I realized I was into something else, a . In Lucha, And oh I still am.”

a fight in which he has made such unusual references to himself as his madre and his Grandmother, a woman who inspired him, although at first he neither understood nor accepted her. “He forced me to constantly reaffirm myself in everything I did. Now, however, he knows everything I do and encourages me: ‘Experiment‘Live, love as much as you can and do whatever you want, because I can’t’, he tells me. Being of family line…”, he jokes amidst laughter.

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Noem speaks clearly and without any complications about all kinds of topics and is not a typical profile. Polyamorous and non-married, she defines herself with certain concepts that others attribute to her. “They tell me I’m like a . priestess of sex. I have also been called sexplorer and sexnauta, as a traveler or sex seeker. I consider myself a little sorceress… and above all an independent person and in continuous growth and development; It’s something obsessive for me, because we are there for her in this life.”

And this is what allows us to know ourselves, “the most important thing when we talk sexualityBecause if we don’t know who we are we won’t be able to set our own parameters placer And we’re going to cross boundaries that will make us feel bad later. Because beyond what is right or wrong, sex is “consensually created, without it you can’t talk about sexuality”, Noem insists, “it’s important to know what we want and want.” What we like. Learn more range,

An important role is played in this self-knowledge Masturbation, “Help, but you don’t have to be in a reproduction, It’s important to know how you feel when they touch your chest or give you a head or foot massage… we need to know what our physical limits are,” Noem replied.


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Will there come a time when women talk about sex the same way men talk about football?
Women are talking about sex a lot, in a more natural way than men, about our experiences, our fears, our feelings… On the other hand, men have issues they don’t touch in public. Typically, for example, they ejaculate too quickly if they haven’t had an erection, or don’t know how to please another person. Most of his interactions have always been from the masculine role. Social roles condition us a lot.
Does it also give us the idea that there is no perfect relationship without intercourse?
Yes, it is somewhat obsessive, even many people are too lazy to work for half an hour until they reach orgasm. It seems like there is no sex without him. has no relation to. Limiting sex to orgasm is like limiting life to breathing. This is another experience of what sexuality can offer you. Plus, there are many types beyond the vagina and the clitoris, a super masculine move that Freud left us with. Some may be extreme (where the intensity rises a lot and then goes down very quickly), others are valleys (which increase gradually), others release emotions and you start crying or laughing.. . Limiting it to something physical is a mistake.. When we examine ancestral sexuality, Taoism and Tantrism, you see that they come in all shapes and colors, even the expanded and cosmic ones.
That cosmic orgasm feels like another dimension…
They are rubbish, they elevate sexual energy, you feel them throughout or even over your body, as you enter an altered state of consciousness. I have experienced it twice and it has changed my life. Much work is done within Taoism and Tantrism. But we don’t need to go that far; Sexuality in ancient Egypt had already dealt with all this, she was very aware of the energetic power of orgasm, it is almost a kind of magic.
It doesn’t seem easy for your partners, being with you must be impressive…
There are a lot of expectations when it comes to sex and I have to deal with it. It’s almost a curse, I find it difficult to seduce and find a sexual partner. There are many issues that have weight, for example being non-controversial. But today my bonds, the people who are with me, are very strong. And I like them to keep the identity of the herd by my side. I am very happy and grateful for the affection and sex life I have at the moment.
Speaking of sex toys, is it better to be alone in bad company than to be alone?
They are very funny and offer us to interact with our lovers, another tool. There is a danger of becoming dependent on them. If we program our brains for the intensity of a clitoris sucker, we will get used to the fact that this is the only way to achieve an orgasm and that we will hardly feel pleasure with other stimuli afterwards.
What are the rules we have when it comes to sex that are left to be broken?
More than breaking a rule, we should realize that sex is at the root of everything; We have in the form of a tab what life has given us. That’s where we come from, how can it be evil, sinful or unnatural? You have to respect it and enjoy it.
What should a good sexual ritual be like?
especially over time. Today it seems like doing homework or taking out the trash is just another job. No more, we have to devote time to pleasure, starting with the whole body, massaging ourselves with oil, with music, with incense, with candles… and from there, grab the person, our Look us in the eye and smile at us, do whatever we feel like without worrying if I have a love handle or if he has lost his erection. If this happens twice a day, that’s fine, as long as it doesn’t cause you any anxiety or dependence. And if it’s once a month, all the better. When your body tells you, listen to it.
How do we deal with polygamy so that it doesn’t get out of hand?
Obviously it is not for everyone, just as monogamy is not for everyone. The best thing to do is to have contracts with your partners where each one sets their own limits. The first thing to look at is a relational agreement to see what is allowed and what is not. Next comes emotional management, as it will take away many things from us.
And what do we do to maintain desire in a long-term relationship?
When routine comes into play, things take a turn and our brains go on autopilot like a clitoris sucker. It is a known body, we know what is about to happen and it doesn’t make us curious. It is very important not to have any kind of expectation. And no need to think about orgasm: if we suddenly join the kitchen because of something aphrodisiac, there is no need to stir it, we can go to work in peace and find it on the way. can finish, nothing happens. Going on a sexual journey as a couple, it is also important to start trying new things so as not to limit yourself to established things.
And what about the famous G-Spot? It seems impossible to meet…
It is very accessible to all, it is a rough area similar to the palate which is inside the vaginal canal, towards the navel. Now talking more about the G-Zone, to avoid the idea that it’s like pressing a button… it’s worth a look and experiment; You were born with it.

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After a long conversation with Noem, I realized how little I knew about the subject, so I couldn’t say goodbye without one last word. practical classWhat is the recipe for quality sex? “Communication, and Permission, Surprise, only at Christmas. there is a lot of consensus sensual, And it’s also important to support the other person in the journey and be curious; There is a world beyond what we have been told.

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