North Korea announces six deaths and hundreds of thousands of Covid infections


The North Korean leader assured that “since late April, fever of unknown origin has spread throughout the country, resulting in approximately 350,000 cases of fever in a short period of time, of which about 162,200 have been successfully treated.”

Kim Jong-un, Lee
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during a meeting to report on the first cases of coronavirus in the country.AP
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North Korea, a country that has not developed a single vaccine against COVID-19, reported today that six people have died from the pathogen and thousands more, a day after the regime detected its first cases of COVID-19. People will get infected. coronavirus since the pandemic began.

The KCNA agency indicated that the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, visited the National Epidemic Emergency Center on Thursday and said that, “Since the end of April, fever of unknown origin has spread explosively throughout the country, resulting in about 350,000 cases of fever in a short period of time, of which approximately 162,200 have been successfully treated.

Kim said it was only revealed the day before 18,000 new cases of these fevers And that “about 187,000 people have been quarantined and treated so far, and six have died.”

North Korea on Thursday confirmed the country’s first cases of the coronavirus after a group of people in Pyongyang tested positive for the highly contagious virus. Micron Variant BA.2 And that the authorities have declared a “maximum health emergency.”

Kim himself addressed the Politburo meeting “in every city and county in the country”. Limit your areas completely.”

The situation is worrying because of how contagious the detected variant has proved to be and the fact that the country, which has been in isolation since 2020, has Rejected donations of nearly five million doses of vaccines By the COVAX system, not a single puncture has been performed and there is no national vaccination plan yet.

is added to lack of medical resources and a testing capacity that is considered scarce (as of March the regime only tested 64,207 people, 0.5% of its population).

The information about the deaths and possible infections comes hours after a White House spokeswoman, jane saki, Told in a news conference that the US currently has no plans to deliver vaccines to North Korea.

Saki also emphasized that Pyongyang, which appears to be preparing for a nuclear test on Thursday, hours after announcing its first cases of COVID-19 of short-range missiles – for the first time since 2017 – that he could do to coincide with this month. US President’s visit, Joe Biden, For sale, where to travel next on 20th May.

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