North Korea detects “acute intestinal epidemic” in country’s southwest


Leader Kim Jong-un himself sent “medicines prepared by his family” to the region of the country affected by the disease

North Korea
Kim Jong-un along with his wife is preparing to send medicine to his family.AFP

North Korean media a. has been notified of the detection “Acute Intestinal Epidemic” around town hejuin the country’s southwest at a time when a secret Asian state is also fighting a wave of covid,

The state news agency reported that the leader himself Kim Jong Un This Wednesday sent “medicines prepared by his family” to the region of the affected country bowel disease About which more information has not been given.

Infectious gastrointestinal diseases can be caused by bacteria, as is the case with Clara Hailstone typhoid fever, by parasites, such as giardiasis, or virus hepatitis A either rotavirus, They are produced by the consumption of water and food that are contaminated with feces and can be transmitted from person to person.

The existence of bowel diseases is very common North KoreaWhere there is not adequate water sanitation system in many places.

KCNA shows the picture accompanying the story Kim Jong Un and North Korean First Lady, Ri Sol-joo, Reviewing drugs dispatched to the affected area, which includes the city hejuCapital of South Hwanghe Province, and adjacent county of Kangryong, both on the western maritime border South Korea,

According to KCNA, Kim ordered local authorities andHe makes maximum efforts to cure the sick and “quarantine suspected cases completely to limit their spread.”

in present North Korea also bears the wave of covid That the country officially recognized for the first time since the pandemic began on 12 May.

According to the data published today, the country detected yesterdayAbout 26,000 “cases of fever” (a term he uses to refer to suspected cases, given his limited ability to test), and believes about 4.5 million people may have contracted it. covid Since the end of April, only 46,000 of whom are undergoing treatment.

These data point to unusually rapid transmission of the virus and extremely low mortality rates, therefore World Health Organization (WHO) has asked the regime to share more data to know the actual scope of the wave.

South Korean intelligence services have indicated that many of these “feveres” may be from other diseases, such as measles or, more precisely, typhoid fever.

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