Norway’s Night of Pleasure Ukraine presents its candidacy for Eurovision


The Kalush Orchestra, one of the most favorites to win, beats out the first cut with Subwoofer’s insane choreography.

Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra in the semi-finals of Eurovice
Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra in the semi-finals of Eurovision

There will be those who think that the geopolitics of sentiments plays with Ukraine’s candidacy. This would not happen here where such evidence is denied. Nor is it a denial that their proposal has a point of infringement with a mix of hip hop and traditional music that breaks with so many more or less similar pop ballads, that Italian television’s dubious production with the semi-finals The funniest doesn’t leave in memory.

Up to the stage – already a well-known stage – the Kalush Orchestra appeared under the rap of its protagonist with a message to mothers hiding, closing based on folk sounds, break dance and popular dance. All together to record that the Ukrainians, affected by the Russian offensive, want to be happy to win Eurovision at least this 2022 after passing the Grand Final.

Until then, they will be accompanied by two of the most enjoyable groups that have taken the Turin stage: Zdob i Zdub and Fray Edvahov, who represent Moldova with their unappealing name, and Subwoofers for Norway. Certainly not with the actual intention of taking the crystal microphones into their territory but with the intention of making us dance like they did this Tuesday night.

This will be Moldovan’s third appearance at the biggest music show on a European level. small train -O Train If they control the language. A group that finds it difficult to classify into a specific genre because of its mix of rap, folk, country, and even a certain punk vibe, but due to inexplicable circumstances in life, you feel like you can sit back and trace their beginnings. Looking to imitate the classic cry. the Ramones: Hey yes! lets go,

In the same bag we can put the Norwegians, which when seen on screen make it difficult to know where to look. They can choose the wolf mask—which in the side shot looks like the first Homer Simpson created by Matt Groening—a full yellow jumpsuit with three unfamiliar dancers or that astronaut soared to heights while playing with his desk.

And from here comes the string of ballads with more pop tones, mixing closer to folk or with more classic representations. French song. Lithuanian Monica Liu may be included in this last group, with lyrics in her native language and oscillations in search of sexuality that she seeks to equate with Edith Piaf without actually achieving it.

The ballads from the Netherlands and Switzerland are more classic, with a hint of deep sadness in the first case and mental health in the second. Because the Swiss representative delves into the new roles of masculinity boys cry ,boys cry) is to take place in the final on Saturday in which the Dutch S10 will also sing in their language for the first time in the last decade.

Ballads, always with the usual touch of fado, have also been the style that helped Portugal overcome this first semi-final with the prolific Maro, who recorded and produced six albums in a year living in California. Now you will have the opportunity to represent your country at Eurovision missing -Without risking even the name-.

Continuing with the female representations, it is Greece and Armenia that will place a few more women on Tern’s podium. Amanda Georgidi Tenfjord would do it for Hellenic country and Rosa Lynn, who closed the gala, an entirely white room filled with paper on the walls, with a pop theme for Armenians and a peculiar set design. locked in. Which they pop up messages.

By the group of ten finalist Icelandic sisters Sistur. completed in the rhythm of Meo Hakkandi Solo And dressed in cowgirl clothes. as if they were Flos Maria, but were born in the American Midwest and were, in fact, coming from an island in Northern Europe with a difficult attachment to either gender.

The inexplicable part of this first semi-final, where RAI’s plethora of long shots at the performance didn’t help liven up some of the monotonous performances, is the elimination of City Jenny, that group of Latvian boys dressed up as Trivial Chips and a fun discotheque. With a theme that would have given a touch of joy in Saturday’s final. You have to wait to enjoy it at the bar.

With 17 closed performances, two great attractions will come to the gala: a memory of Italian and world dance music from the 70s to 90s that lifted the audience that barely vibrates in three or four specific moments and impressive performances for the 2020 festivities. Italy’s representative Diodato, whose show prevented us from enjoying the coronavirus.

Nor should we forget more than just a tribute to Rafaella Carr, with only 30 seconds of her mythology Festival, We are confident that this will be extended during the second semi-final on Thursday and above all during the gala on Saturday. For the good of all who will follow him.

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