Nuria Freire, former English teacher who sews shirts and sweeps Instagram: “Size labels make me look violent”

honesty of Nuria Freiremother’s soul Clay Studio, It is as long as the black mane that rocking Instagram time and again. But be careful, because he does it not with an imposed intention, but with the greatest naturalness of the world. He moves as he talks, as he writes, something that his community checks in with him week after week News bulletin, letters, as she likes to call it: “They are mine emotional release Which serves as educational and motivational material for the readers. those are the conversations you’ll have with me If you come to the workshop/home. so they are honest, direct, funny and uncomfortableBecause no one changes for the better without the slightest bit of trouble.” Thankfully, that’s not a word that defines the clothes she slips out of her hands.

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as soon as it has been reviewed by the website or your instagram profileIt must have been verified that there remains a combination of Blouses and dresses in which quantity It’s the most visible feature, but not the only one: they’re full of details and, yes, of passion. “I sewed a shirt to play with and said ‘God, what a joy!’ The cotton, its volume, how comfortable it is to work with…”, he recalls how he fell in love with the piece that has become his ‘leitmotif’. “I make what I wear and sell what excites me, I make pants too, but I don’t have time to show off everything that I do in public.” Or what comes of the same thing: let’s not believe because she’s not on social media, she doesn’t exist , even if he is one of those people who give him to be able to live with your love and moreover, people connect with your project.

Clay Studio

Its premise is as clear as it is the letter it sends every Friday: tailor-tailoring to enjoy. “It’s happening to people, saying without words ‘I care about you’ and don’t produce things that aren’t going to sit well”, he explains of his job. However, he admits that he wants to “grow on a small scale”, only with very specific circumstances. , do not rule out some more standardized presentations. “When a design is well studied, I will put its shape, although it is difficult for me, because Size labels strike me as violent: it’s like wanting to force someone to enter them instead of building something for their body,

Clay Studio

Ok physicality There is an important theme in the messages that Nuria and Clay Studios broadcast like this: natural, Not in vain, Freire shared in her personal profile that her brand is her “excuse to go half-naked and say I’m ready.” When you ask her about the look she’ll wear for the rest of her life, the theme comes up again: “Camilla dress is like being naked.” So it should also come as no surprise that the person she hasn’t groomed yet but would like Rihanna. we mention her pregnancy,

Although right now Freire shares a very honest happiness (“Everything that’s a lie is toxic; if you share happiness, don’t let it happen because you have to maintain an image”), the path to establishing a brand Which to live has not been easy. “My lack of privilege, which for a long time immobilized myselfthat was My parents did not support me to study design, neither financially nor morally. The money was there, they just didn’t think I was going to be able to live on it, so if I wanted it, I would pay for my studies, rent and food. Although it has the least money, but the most sad thing is that doubts and lack of confidence are being seen in their faces. With him “a master’s degree.” in entrepreneurship and impressive personal development” because of the persistence, he admits, given to him by his parents. “Cla is the biggest sign of love for me, Because he believes in him even when I quietly doubted myself, which I never confirmed for obvious reasons.

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These experiences carry the “if you want, you can” flag to Nuria. “We also love our excuses”, it says. “I’m lazy. I’m not very creative. I don’t have any money. My boss doesn’t like me. Instead of asking ourselves how can I make the life I want possible? We tell ourselves that Why do I not have the life I want? Any kind of action that brings us closer to change”.

The change is exactly what you see and not, in 50/50, in generation Z: although many of them are becoming aware of the need to change habits and customs, many others do not, so mastodons like What are the events she in continues to function and influence businesses like Nuria in one way or another. “It’s a monster that moves the public like a puppet, And the only thing he says to people is ‘You’re poor but don’t worry, I’ll see you financially solvent'”, he insists.

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The dilemma of fast fashion has been almost daily in some regions for some time; Even in Freire’s universe. “On a particular level, within an awakened collective, yes, they are fighting,” he says. “But here Governments have to get their hands on this, and indeed. And it doesn’t have to be the norm to end, it should be a reality now. Don’t sell me breakable trash, I want my kids to enjoy the planet, not the dump,

,Some have learned to do the ‘green washing’ and become enlightened, And others do the right thing to the detriment of creating immediate wealth,” he adds. “They do the right thing because it’s their way of being, and others do the right thing because society demands it, and it It is a shameful thing. You have to learn to be vulnerable, and know that The glamor and sparkle with the mundane of the day-to-day is not laughingFashion lacks camaraderie and there is a lot of jealousy. “And worthy labor?” I think There are a lot of people who sew, but some things are just wonderful. But there are people who still love to sew and know it’s an art.”

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what is art to concentratewhat he does every morning 2019 (“It’s just as important as brushing your teeth; you have to steer clear of negative thoughts and keep the thoughts that make you feel good”). or can shirt cut in one piece, As is the case with Kla Studio’s Rose model. Because although the techniques have refined and matured, in this Madrid workshop where the shirts are now being widely Instagrammed, the same man who ran in front of the television when his grandfather warned him with a warning. “Nuria, run, model on TV.”

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