OCU files class action lawsuit against Apple for planned obsolescence in iPhone 6 range


He requests compensation between 99 and 189 euros per affected person and believes the company acted fraudulently

OCU files class action lawsuit against Apple for planned obsolescence in iPhone 6 range

The Consumer Organization (OCU) has filed a class action lawsuit to defend the greater 400,000 affected by planned obsolescence in iPhone 6 rangeUnder “Apple’s unfair, deceptive and offensive business practices,” according to the organization.

According to OCU, Apple has acted “fraudulently,” hiding information from users, which means violating unfair competition law and common law to protect consumers and users.

“Apple updated the ‘software’ in various models of the iPhone 6 to address their battery performance problems, knowing this would cause slowdown and loss of phone performance”, he explained to OCU.

With this change, users thought that the mobile phone has become out of date, as it works at a slow speed, due to which they had to change the model.


According to the organization’s calculations, the “deliberate” action of Apple caused economic losses to consumers from 40 to 80 million euros.

Similarly, the OCU has sought compensation from Apple for moral damages, for which it raises the figure to between 99 and 189 euros per affected person.

Already in December 2020, OCU submitted preliminary proceedings to request Apple to identify those affected, so that they can be defended in court.

“With the organization we will consider an expense necessary to pay the fees of attorneys and solicitors to initiate this judicial dispute, so that those affected do not incur any costs,” he explained to OCU. Also, in case the legal action is lost, the affected people will not have to bear the cost of the process.

“We believe that justice will stop these harmful behaviors to affected consumers and to society in general”, the OCU has emphasized.

This action is part of an OCU campaign to encourage affected users to fight planned obsolescence. In a sense, it seeks to mobilize all consumers “who are unwilling to tolerate such willful action against their rights” to join the campaign and give their necessary support to stop these practices.

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