Officials prepare mobilization to demand wage increase from the government to compensate for inflation


The CSIF union announced a campaign to begin on 25 May: “We have had a 15% loss of purchasing power since 2010”.

Minister of Finance and Affairs
Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Maria Jesus Monteiro.b dazi
  • officers Government talks largest offer of public employment amid recession and “massive” retirement

officials are going to mobilize to demand talks with the government, and that Give them a salary hike to deal with inflation, This has already been stated by the Independent Trade Union and Civil Servants Central (CSIF), which has called for a nationwide campaign that will start from May 25.

,We incur a purchasing power loss of 15%: We have been contributing to the income agreement since 2010, but the government refused to negotiate a wage increase”, they expose the union, while harshly criticizing that “the Minister of Finance, Mara Jess Monteiro, refused to negotiate”. don’t sit down”.

And it is that in the public event negotiating the historic offer of public employment which is already preparing for next year, the ministry has refused to discuss any aspect related to the salary scope. ,Do not touch“, was the executive’s response to the demands of the unions, which were subsequently called to negotiate this point.

However, these explanations are not enough for unions, who also view with trepidation the fact that Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez anticipated that negotiations between unions and employers Income settlement will be a starting point in the private sector For business in the public sector.

representatives of public servants that it is believed theft of bargaining power of officials And, moreover, they fear that the failure of negotiations in the private sector will affect them. For this reason, they insist that Monteiro sit down for a conversation, something that seems very difficult at the moment.

What they do have though is the definite commitment that the government has expressed in the sustainability plan it sent to Brussels, and in which it is projected that there will be an increase in public wages from next line with inflationHowever, those words do not satisfy the wishes of the unions and do not in any way represent compensation for lost purchasing power.

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