Oikos, centre-right alternative environmentalism: “It is possible to be green and create jobs and wealth”

On the grounds that protecting the environment is not a legacy of either the political right or the left, Oikos was presented in Madrid on Tuesday. think tank Spaniards and environmentalists who promote “a determined and pragmatic defense of the environment from a liberal-conservative point of view”, as defended by its founders. A story that, according to Tony Timoner, parents of Luis Quiroga and Oikos, “is notably different from the political reality of other Western countries in the field of the fight against climate change.”

“Centre’s right can win elections and create an ideology that allows voters to feel comfortable being ecologists, but the radical left has tried to monopolize the environment,” said Tony Timoner, who worked for Luis Quiroga after living in London for years. I decided to find Oikos with the U.K. and wondered how it was possible that “environmental protection in Spain was so polarized”.

,We believe the time has come for Spain to take pride in a strong centre-right environmentalism. We have the experience of other countries that prove it to us”, he emphasized during the ceremony at the Circulo de Bellas Artes.

they relied on the leaders of the other two I think Environmentalists from the United Kingdom and Germany, more veterans: Sam HallDirector of the British Conservative Environment Network, and Bernd Weber, At the head of the German EPICO Clima Innovation, he shared his experience and his ‘green’ programs of this “liberal-conservative environmentalism”, although as Hall pointed out, “not everything can be applied in the Spanish context”.

“In the UK, much of the Conservative Party’s message on climate change has focused on economic opportunities for industriessuch as hydrogen production, carbon sequestration or green finance,” said Sam Hall, who founded his think tank in 2014. “Since 2010, along with David Cameron, he has won a series of national elections by prioritizing the green aspect. Theresa May set a net zero emissions target in 2050 and Boris Johnson followed through on the strategy and raised the ambition. I’m not saying that climate politics was a fundamental factor in winning the election, but I think it was a very important factor.”, pointed out the director of the Conservative Environment Network, who stressed that climate change is a cross-cutting problem that worries any voter.

Environmental policies are good for both the environment and the economy, he said: “Emissions in the UK have dropped by 40% since 1990 and our economy has grown by 78% over the same period. The green economy has 200,000 workers. “And the Prime Minister has announced a new plan that is expected to create 250,000 more jobs by 2030.” To achieve decarbonization and a just transition, “markets must be developed and innovation must be accelerated, “He defended.

market and innovation

Along the same lines, German Bernd Weber, Director of Epico Clima Innovations, a think tank Founded 18 months ago in which they develop the concept to reach zero emissions, they explained that their agenda is based on the market and innovation aspects. “Spain has great potential to become a major player in energy innovation To achieve net zero emissions,” he said.

Although we in Russia are in a security and supply crisis because of the war, he recalled that the IPCC (United Nations Climate Change Expert Group) report suggests that we are able to achieve the goal of zero emissions by 2050, but “doing business Continue” the way it’s done now is not an option.

However, he underlined that Renewable energy system must guarantee supply And there is still a lot of work to be done in the warehousing and digitization chapter, in order to better synchronize supply with demand. These investments, I argued, have to be made by companies.

Europe’s role

Quiroga and Timoner were also supported by Ana Palacio, who stressed the need for “clarity in the confusion” that in her opinion surrounded issues such as climate change and the energy transition, while “a debatable argument”. was missing.

Europe, he said, “has been a leader in protecting the environment but has gone through better and worse times, let’s remember the mess at the Copenhagen summit in 2009, but we have continued to grow.” However, consider that “It’s a disservice we do if we make it a religion, What is being done is, because in this dogma we are starting to moralize the fuel, there are good and bad fuels,” said Palacio, who criticized “Germany’s hypocrisy” and the inconsistency between its official discourse and reality, “The gas that came from Russia backed by an industry.”

Ana Palacio, former minister and former MEP, during the act
Ana Palacio, former minister and former MEP, during the actAngel Navarrete

Although the founders of Oikos present themselves as “new conservative liberal environmentalism”, José María Aznar and former Minister of Foreign Affairs during MEP’s second term defended that it is nothing new that the conservatives in Spain protect the environment. protect the.

In that sense, Tony Timoner records “that Spain has had centre-right governments and a lot of pioneering work. Between 1996 and 2004, work channels were established which subsequently allowed us to move all European regulations so that we could always be in sync with European partners. We think whatever has gone wrong since 2004,” he said. From his point of view, “the Left’s ideological monopoly on environmentalism prevents meeting points”.

“Most of the discourse on the left does not provide a satisfactory response to environmental challenges,” said Luis Quiroga, who believes that “in order to bring the energy transition to a successful conclusion, an alternative environmentalism that should not be limited is absolutely necessary.” In order to provide more efficient and effective environmental management for the technical system. There are other areas in which the center-right has an opportunity to fill the void left by the left.”

Quiroga highlighted the economic opportunity that the energy transition represents, something that, from his point of view, the British and Germans understood all too well: “We believe that there is some doubt in Spain that it is possible to be green and make money, Maybe it’s a hangover from the Zapatero era, but the reality is that today there is better technology, more human capital and a lot more financing,” said the founder of Oikos, who stressed that there are entrepreneurs who are creating jobs and wealth. And contributing to the protection of the environment with our businesses.

The chosen name, okos—house or house in ancient Greece—is also an homage to the British Sir Roger Scruton. author of green philosopher, Considered the bible of right-wing protectionism, it spoke of okophilia, or an innate love for our home, an idea based on environmental protection.

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