Olona Warns PP If He Needs “Votes” To Seek Vice Presidential Position

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Juanma Moreno managed to address Vox’s outrage in the campaign’s second televised debate this Monday, which was more lively, with more confrontation and more acrimony and crosses between the six candidates for the presidency of the Junta de Andaluca. With allegations (submitted for elections by political parties with parliamentary representation on 19 June).

Moreno, Juan Marn (Ciudadanos), Macarena Olona (VOX), Juan Espadas (PSOE), Inma Nieto (Por Andaluca) and Teresa Rodriguez (Adelante Andaluca) again faced each other in a televised debate, this time on the Canal. Sur, televised on the Andalusian public, which, at times, became a hero due to perceived threats of closure and cuts in the case of a final government agreement between PP and Vox, a party that attempted to enter public companies with a chainsaw. has promised.

Candidates for re-election by the Chairman of the Board and the PP became the subject of main criticism because of the logical distribution of roles. But, if in the first debate they managed to get out of the competition almost without a scratch, then on this occasion, their opponents were much more precise and precise in highlighting the main shortcomings of the legislature with data and arguments, the first non-socialist. government…

All’s strategy against Moreno, on the other hand, managed for the popular candidate to come out as president of the junta, subject to a control session of the opposition, than another of the candidates for the presidency of the Andalusian junta. And so Moreno insisted repeatedly that, as the election highlights, Andalusians—and their adversaries among them—already see him as the next Andalusian president.

Moreno only managed to distance himself from the confrontation when Macarena Olona (Vox) began some of her party’s usual cultural battles, such as the rejection of sex education in schools or references to the criminalization of men and the collectivization of homosexuals. Then, Olona monopolized attention and became the target of the irony and coercion of the rest of the candidates.

In the first round, that is, in the debate on Spanish television on Monday, 6 June, Moreno decided not to take the risk and refused to answer direct questions that came to him from Woakes and those thrown at him. . from the left. This second debate on Canal Sur was planned, therefore, as a second round, in which strategies based on the taste in the mouth would be corrected that each candidate in the first round had skipped a week earlier.

Generally speaking, the Popular Party was satisfied with the role played by Moreno in the first attack, noting that he left the match without any serious scratches. For the left, therefore, the meeting left a bitter taste as it was clear for Moreno to offer an explanation for his management and for the unresolved problems in the Autonomous Community, the one with the most unemployment. from Spain.

Led by journalists Blanca Rodriguez and Fernando García, last night’s debate went on with greater agility and intensity; And, this time yes, Moreno was forced to run into some potholes in his second term and answer about a hypothetical deal with Vox. Nevertheless, he tolerated Vox’s persecution and dismissed the hypothesis of a government with Olona as president and vice-president himself as an illusion.

The PP candidate laments Olona’s request to enter an autonomous government in which he does not believe. And Olona warns him that PP will not be able to rely on a single refrain if Vox is not within that government.

Moreno did not rule out an agreement as demanded by his leftist negotiators, but the PP candidate opted for an alliance with the Andalusians, in an agreement and in an agreement where he could explain the diversity and plurality of this land. Is.

During the meeting, Juan Espadas (PSOE) achieved a little more notoriety and success in his challenges to the current president, who, in the first debate, strongly defended Pedro Sánchez’s policies and called on the PP and Ciudadanos to recognize that Investments made. This is possible with the money transferred from the central government. That defense served to address Moreno as Sánchez’s representative in Andalusia. And he insisted on it so much that the Swords begged him for mercy. But the swords were also lost several times when the Vox candidate reminded him of the money from ERE’s corruption.

The debate continued to address mandatory topics, such as employment, health waiting lists, corruption or regional funding, but introduced other less common ones, such as child masturbation in textbooks. Olona did this by taking out a textbook from lectures for 10-year-olds and where masturbation is discussed, moreno was reprimanded for allowing sex education at an early age in schools.

Moreno limited himself to dismissing the argument, because in the first debate, Olona used another manual that was out of date. You bring me the expired goods, he asked his interlocutor and refused to take the book he had insisted on offering him.

But Teresa Rodriguez immediately came out to defend sex education for children because it is regulated by law, and because it serves to prevent situations of harassment, for example, she pointed out. And, after quoting Woody Allen, he regretted that Vox preferred the old teaching of religious centers where he told you that if you masturbated you would go blind. Overall, the first debate and this debate on Canal Sur served to give visibility to the leaders of a very fragmented left who have forged coalitions and created new electoral brands practically unknown to citizens.

It should be remembered that with the exception of Teresa Rodriguez, leftist leaders began the campaign with a low level of knowledge among voters, including Juan Espadas, despite the fact that he had been the mayor of Seville for seven years since Pedro Sánchez. are. He has subdued the entire council of ministers. Swords finally addressed stay-at-home Andalusians in 2018, especially the 400,000 voters who led the PSOE to its worst results in the Andalusian elections.

Beyond the arguments, the debate has served to make it known above all that Juan Marn and Ciudadanos are still alive politically, that Vox is not going to extend its support to the Popular Party, and the difference between the two candidates for Andalusian. to do. To the left of PSOE.

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