One boxer jailed for homophobic attack on a couple walking through Barcelona


Mossos warns of an increase in hate crimes this year due to LGTBIphobia


A Barcelona court has ordered the entry into prison of a 43-year-old man who was arrested a few days ago by the Central Unit for Hate Crimes and Discrimination’s (UCDOD) Mossos d’Esquadra for assaulting a couple. was in charge. Barcelona’s center for denying his sexual orientation. The agents charged him with two offenses of injury and one against the exercise of fundamental rights and public liberties.

Mossos indicates that the suspect attacked two men while they were walking down a central Barcelona street, first with homophobic insults and then with “extremely violent punches”. Agents conducted an investigation to identify the suspect and arrested him on 10 May with the support of the Urban Guard. In addition, they point out that the defendant was previously condemned for various threats and coercion and demonstrated his skills as a boxer on social networks.

It is because of this practice that agents believe that he can attack only two men at once, without being able to defend them. Victims suffered various injuries, such as broken fingers, as well as blows that required stitches and a variety of wounds that required subsequent medical treatment. Also psychological consequences, which require support and emotional accompaniment by organizations affiliated with the LGTBI collective.

cases escalate

Mossos also warned of an increase in hate crimes in the area of ​​LGTBIphobia. This year they have processed 39, nine more than the same period last year, representing an increase of 30%. 51 have been arrested or investigated for these incidents, of which 75% are men. Victim Support Groups (GAVs), which focus on the most vulnerable groups, currently have 71 surveillance activities for people who have been victims of hate crimes in the area of ​​homophobia.

In the summer of 2020, the Catalan Police created a Central Hate and Discrimination Unit to conduct the most complex investigations in the region and standardize police work in all areas. They work in coordination with the Barcelona Hate and Discrimination Prosecutor’s Office and other entities, as they believe that cross-sector cooperation is necessary to tackle this type of violence, in addition to the “direct institutional response needed for homosexual crimes”. Is.

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