One in four Spaniards criticize Sanchez’s trip to Ukraine and 16.3% believe it was more risky

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Pedro Sánchez during his visit to Borodianka.EFE

Spaniards consider Pedro Sanchez’s visit very appropriate Ukraine, Citizens value this displacement with an average score of 5.73 and one in four respondents (27.5%) directly below 5 suspends Volodymyr Zelensky’s presidential visit on April 21.

pulled from ace current affairs survey Prepared by the Center for Sociological Research (CIS), released this Wednesday, the body headed by Jose Flix Tejanos addresses citizens’ opinions on this recent phenomenon. The socialist voter who gave Sanchez the best grade (7.69) on average, while voters of the Popular Party (4.38) and Vox (3.32) do not approve of the visit.

In addition, 16.5% of Spaniards believe that this diplomatic visit to Ukraine “takes more risks than at other times of the war”, and 56.1%, that displacement is as risky as the second phase of the conflict. Was. Only 17.5% of the survey participants believed that the risk was reduced at this point in time.

The visit of the head of the executive came days after the Ukrainian president appeared before the Congress of Deputies telematically. On 21 April, and with little known about the details of the trip for security reasons, Sánchez visited Ukraine with the Prime Minister of Ukraine. Denmark, Mette Fredriksen.

There he was received by the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Olga Stefanishina, And they soon met Zelensky in Kyiv. Before that, Sánchez traveled to the outskirts of the capital, to see for the first time the degree of destruction of Borodyanka, an area that had been severely massacred by Russian troops, just like Buka.

With Zelensky, Sanchez announced the largest arms shipment by our country to Ukraine. “We will not leave the people of Ukraine alone,” the president promised after he was “moved” after seeing the devastation in Borodyanka.

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