One in three sunglasses in our country is putting our eyes and visual health at risk


If we don’t buy sunscreen at a street stall, we shouldn’t buy glasses either. A ‘bad’ conjunctiva and also damages the cornea to the retina passing through the lens

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The temperature rises, the daylight hours increase and we plan our suitcases for the beach: swimsuits, towels, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses…and though at that. sun protection cream We give it all the importance it deserves and We wouldn’t even think of buying it in a street stallThis is not the case with our eye protection.

according to the data of white paper on visual health 16 million sunglasses are sold every year in Spain, of which I knoweis corresponds to sales in street stalls Without any kind of quality control or homogenization. or what is it, One out of every three sunglasses in our country is putting the health of our eyes and vision at risk.

How do sunglasses work?

The lens is an essential part of glasses, as is evident, and it works by protecting our eyes in two ways.

  • first thank you tint layer, It is a layer that all glasses bring, good and bad ones, and it is what we see with the naked eye and Provides dark color to the lens, That darkness of the lens protects our eye from direct sunlight.
  • another way thanks filter layera layer that is not visible to the naked eye and which is responsible for absorbing and neutralizing ultraviolet radiation from the sun, This layer is only incorporated by sunglasses that undergo the homologation process, not Less cost Street stalls.

Is that filter layer so important?

es essential, Also, before using sunglasses that do not include this layer, it is better not to wear anything at all. When we do not wear sunglasses, our pupils constrict to the maximum and our eyelids droop, allowing the minimum amount of radiation to enter the eye.

but when We wear sunglasses, the tint layer rests our eyesThe pupil dilates and the eyelids open… and if that goggle doesn’t have a filter layer, we’re allowing radiation to enter unhindered.

How can bad glasses hurt me?

since damage to the cornea, passing through the conjunctiva and lens, to the retina, It is not very often that these damages are considered for a few days from wearing those non-approved sunglasses, but that is medium or long term.

sunglasses They are not a fashion accessory, They are protective equipment that must comply with regulations, such as a mask, car airbag or motorcycle helmet.

Should children wear sunglasses?

Of course I do, and from any age. Its use is even more necessary in the case of adults, as their lens is still immature and We should protect it from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

how to distinguish good sunglasses from bad

Unfortunately, there are people capable of counterfeiting anything to make money, we have seen it with masks to protect against coronavirus, and with glasses it is no different.

There is no completely reliable home method We have to go to a lab or an optician to check if we have approved sunglasses at home, if they have two layers of protection or not, but there are some ingredients that can make us suspicious .

Must bring some good sunglasses Engraved on the inside of the pin or on the packaging of the CE marking, las abbreviation uv This is followed by the number of the security category (a value between 0 and 4) and the rules that regulate them (UNE-EN 1836:2006). If any, or all, of these elements are missing, it is better not to risk with them.

What is this category?

Range is a value that ranges from 0 to 4 and tells us the degree of protection provided by that lens against ultraviolet radiation from the Sun.

  1. Categories 0 and 1 provide protection less than 56%And in my opinion if we are looking for a good glasses for different uses then it is not advisable to buy them.
  2. Categories 2 or 3. If what we are looking for is to get good sunglasses, which They serve us both to drive and to go to the beach, walk in the park or shop while well protected And without spending a fortune, my recommendation is to choose one of these types. These are recommended for medium or high shine, and absorb between 57% and 91% of UV radiation,
  3. tier 4 They still absorb more, but we can’t use them for driving.

according to the norms of

trust project

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