One injured in shooting at German school


Police officer
German police officers arrested a suspect in another incident in Herzogenrath.EFE

One person was injured in a shooting at a German school in the northern city of Bremerhaven on Thursday, police said.

one person was arrested After the firing, the injured person was taken to the hospital, he said.

“The armed man has been arrested and is currently in police custody,” he said.

The injured man, who was taken to the hospital, is not a student, added the same source without divulging more details about his identity.

The Salon de Bild newspaper is about a woman who is seriously injured. The same newspaper reported that a second suspect had fled armed with a crossbow without police confirmation.

Police have said that the operation is on and people have been asked to stay away from the area.

The shooting took place at Lloyd College, a secondary school in the city of Bremerhaven.

Nord24 newspaper said a student who heard gunshots had called the police. He said that the students locked themselves in their classes.

School shootings are rare in Germany, which has one of the strictest gun laws in Europe.

In January, a student was killed and three others were injured in a shooting at a university in the country’s southwest.

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