One killed, five injured in church shooting near Los Angeles


Police arrest alleged perpetrator of shooting that shot several people at a Presbyterian church in Laguna Woods

Emergency services at the door of the church where the shooting took place.
Emergency services at the door of the church where the shooting took place.Twitter
  • Buffalo The shooter wrote in high school that he wanted to commit genocide

At least one person was killed and five others were injured in Sunday’s shooting at a church on the outskirts of the city angel (California, officials said.

police The alleged culprit of the shooting arrestedwho shot several people in the presbyterian church Laguna WoodsSoutheast of Los Angeles.

surety Orange County It was reported on Twitter that one person died on the spot, while four others were seriously injured in the hospital and a fifth had minor injuries.

“We are working to get the information as quickly as possible,” the police explained.

On Saturday, a heavily armed white man ransacked a supermarket Buffalo (New York) And in the indiscriminate firing, ten people were killed and three others were injured, mostly black.

The attacker was wearing a military helmet with a camera that was live-streaming the action on stage Twitch,

The federal agency, the FBI, said it was investigating the attack “as a hate crime and a case of violent extremism for racial reasons.”

After that shooting, the President of the United States, Joe Bidencalled for “working together” to combat “hatred” this Sunday.

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