One of the injured in the accident on the stage of the festival “O Son do Cameo” is still in the ICU


Despite the accident recorded during the assembly on this Friday, the program will be held on the scheduled dates from June 16 to 18.

Firefighters and experts helped two villages
Firefighters and experts with the help of two large cranes started the work of breaking the collapsed platform on Friday.Axon Ray | EFE
  • Accident Six workers injured, two critical as a stage of O Son do Cameo festival collapses

One of the injured in the accident that happened in the forum meeting this Friday “The Sound of the Road” Festival while in the ICU two other recruits Because of the incident, they are at the plant, as reported this Saturday by the general director of emergencies for Xunta, Santiago Villanueva.

In the announcements in Santiago de Compostela, Villanueva assures that The development of the accepted three is “favourable”, While “caution” is required in these cases, the other three who were slightly injured have already been discharged.

In addition to recalling that the president of the junta of Ponterres (Pontevedra), Alfonso Rueda has said that “fortunately there have been no deaths and serious people are recovering”. Reasons being investigated Of which “there is talk of a gust of wind” but without confirmation.

For his part, Villanueva insisted that all emergency services acted “quickly and effectively” and were already Inspection of both Labor and the Galician Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, Now, he explained, they are awaiting relevant reports to “continue with related work.”

About the accident he has said that he fell A part of the stage and many people got trapped under it, The priority was to rescue the injured and no one else was suffering.

As to the causes of the incident, he, like Rueda, urged wait for inspection reportIn addition to the one prepared by the National Police, which has already been transferred to the judge.

Furthermore, he recalled that Seal lifted this Friday afternoon And now grass companies remove the platform and iron to keep the area clean.

The ‘O Son Do Cameo’ festival will be held on the scheduled dates from June 16 to 18, despite the mishap recorded during the assembly on this Friday. As reported by the organization, the event “goes on” and is working on “relevant adjustments” to its celebration.

From the organization of the festival, it is highlighted that “the professionalism and experience of the companies involved in personal protective equipment, assembly and rapid activation of emergency protocols have been instrumental in the development of the events”.

For this reason, they thank the emergency services, firefighters, police and all those people, companies and institutions that have participated in the normalization of festival activity for “all their work and support” over the past few hours. In addition, they ensure that Follow “minute by minute” Injured workers develop because they are like “family,” they conclude.

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