Opponents and activists from Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua explicitly supported the boycott of the three dictatorships.


The disagreement describes López Obrador’s attempt to force the participation of Maduro, Diaz-Canel and Ortega in the diplomatic meeting as “incoherent”.

Opposition leaders (left to right) Santiago Urbina, Leopoldo López, Carolina Barrero and Yanier García at an event at the Madrid Athenaeum.EFE
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Protesters and activists in Madrid and Miami, two cities that have welcomed Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua into exile, have met at a virtual event today to explain their refusal to invite the three dictators. America’s summit, “Using governance participation as a principle of justice seems to us to be completely inconsistent on the part of countries that are truly democracies and which adhere to the principles of the Democratic Charter and due respect to international agreements on human rights” . outlined through a joint statement.

Venezuelan opposition leader leopold lopez and public representatives Sonia Medina You gilber caro, Cuban playwright Junior Garca Aguilera and art curators Caroline Barrero, and workers like Anna Margarita Abunza has raised its voice to Support the decision advanced by Joe BidenAgainst which many countries of the continent have taken a stand under the leadership of Mexico.

“In recent weeks we have seen blackmail by the Organization of American States (OAS) countries. We expect clear and defined support from all countries,” Lopez said. “Our opponents are divided, but the dictatorship continues.”, warns Garca Aguilera. “If the tyrants are united, tell them that the resistance is also united,” said Barrera, all of them from the Madrid Athenaeum.

Similar words have been heard in Miami. “The three communities are going to work together to fight the dictatorship that has oppressed our people,” declared Anna Margarita Abounza, president of the Initiative for Change.

“Torture is not a story, it is something we are living”Sub Medina reminds continental leaders. Next to him, already in exile, sat opposition MP Gilber Caro, one of Chavismo’s “favourite” political prisoners.

An important message that, for the time being, has not been heard by the political partners of Nicolas Maduro, Miguel Daz-Canel You Daniel Ortega, The head of the “rebellion” against Biden has been the Mexican president, Anders Manuel López Obrador, who will not attend Los Angeles in JuneThe site of the summit, and send its foreign minister, Marcelo Ebrard, as well as the President of Bolivia, Luis Arce.

Both are close allies of the three revolutions. Honduran Xiomara Castro has raised the same reservation as Argentina You ChileAlthough it is believed that both Alberto Fernandez and Gabriel Boric will participate in the conclave.

other passes, such as Brazil, Protector You GuatemalaWait for events, despite not being part of the Latin American leftist faction. The smaller Caribbean islands gathered around CARICOM are also criticized as their great allies, Venezuela, has not been invited to Los Angeles. Maduro has forgiven $300 million in debt with four of them, in addition to promising to re-supply PetroCarib with black gold.

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