Ordinary glory returns: two million attendees, over 50 floats and, this year, with the Plaza de Espaa as the epicenter

performance, on July 9


Rainbow flags and noise have already caused a stir in Madrid City Council

siebels, arched flag
Sibels illuminated by the rainbow flag during Pride last year.Javier Barabancho

2020 brought protest partyonline, 2021, a small performance without a tableau or stage, with restricted capacity and a mandatory mask. East 2022With covid under control, madrid gay pride Returns to all its essence.

Two million people are expected to attend the festival’s central act expressionwhere more 50 carts Various institutions and organizations will put up a colored note for the claim.

the parade will be on 9 July (this year it is delayed by a week by the NATO summit) Although the celebration of LGTBIQ+ Collective They will run from Friday, July 1 to Sunday, July 10. The choice of the traditional high heels race or Mr Gay Pride Spain is not to be missed.

Although it is too soon to know other details – for example who will give the question – it is known that this year Spain’s Plaza Be the center of the celebration before you work in Seoul. there will also be concerts Pedro Zerolo Square, King Square and Callao,

In the absence of a month for LGTBIQ+ Pride, controversial is served. Appointment of rainbow flag on the façade of the Palacio de Cibeles and Noise Due to concerts in the center of the capital in those days – bearing in mind that it is a Special Acoustic Conservation Area (ZPAE) – echoed this Tuesday at the Madrid City Council headquarters.

In the case of a multicolor ensign, Almeida assured that, as in last year, she would not replace Following the Supreme Court’s resolution, which allows only those authoritative to be kept. However, his government allies, Citizens, I voted in favor of keeping it Together with Ms Madrid, Recupera Madrid and PSOE. party supplies Orange he still pointed in the aftermath that he opposed having it in his motion but he voted in favor of it because he agreed with the rest of the motion.

in regard of concert noiseAccording to the environment and mobility sector, it will return to the first model from 2019. The City Council will increase the limits allowed during specific hours, as is the case with other mass events at the Centre.

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