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Oka Leele and Cecepe
Oka Leele and Cecep, early 1980s. Image of the book ‘Supernova’ published by La Fabrica on the sidelines of the Fotoispa 2021 exhibition of the same name.

Much has been written about La Movida, about how the movement fueled the yearning for independence and social change in Spain in the 1980s. inhibitors, in April of the same year, it was all for the sex lives of millions of Spanish women. Along with Alaska, Ana Kura and Paloma Chamorro, Oka Lele was the female face of La Movida.

Despite the highly publicized wind of revolution and emancipation, things shouldn’t be a whole lot easier for the women who shine the most in Madrid’s new wave. “I think photography was an outlet, because the couple I was with forbade me to paint. And I let them forbid it. It was law of terrorOka Lele admitted herself in an interview with Efe three years ago, where she reflected on the fact of being a woman and an artist. “We have to give a lot to achieve.” To get the same level, equal pay, they treat us equally. We give a lot, we work a lot, We are like heroines. I believe that art has no gender, we are all male and female inside.”

The niece of the poet Jaime Gil de Bidma, whom she met at the bar at night, her career as an artist took off in Barcelona, ​​where she underground I got up a little earlier from the capital. There his first exhibition was at the Spectrum Gallery, and it was the magazine Star, the icon of the Catalan counterculture, which published its first cover. Cancer first hit her when she was very young, at the age of 22, and made her return to Madrid. “My generation was crushed by war, my father talked about it all the time as something heroic. I think that’s why we all accepted each other no matter what.” Origin, gender, ideology or surname”, he confessed two years ago in another interview with this newspaper.

“At that time I was like an angel,” he recalled of the 1980s on the sidelines of an exhibition at the Fotokolktenia gallery, where his legendary series was last displayed. Barber Together with the work of fellow photographers such as Miguel Trillo, Alberto Garca-Alix and Pablo Prez-Manguez. Service mastica domesticaHis particular philosophy of life and creation defined it thus, with a candor somewhere between Costumbrista and Zen: “Love what you do, even if it’s cleaning the house. Everything you do , like cleaning a glass and seeing how it sparkles, the best thing you can do in that moment has happened to me: you’ll have a hard time concentrating on creating something. croquettes And it could be healing.”

Over the years, Oka Leele hardened the discourse of his art without ever losing Woman, a cruel feast. Why?‘ was the title of a facility created in 2014 to condemn the war in the Republic of the Congo, where gold, diamonds and coltan left a mark of 6 million deaths and an average of 160 rape of women weekly. In 2006 I brought together 300 people including women, men and children revive the cybelesAn intervention in Madrid Square to raise awareness in society bad treatment, This was not the first time that traffic was stopped at the square: this had already been done in 1987. Remember, Brabra!splendid overproduction where he represented the myth of Hipmenes and atlantaThe handsome hunter who hated the idea of ​​getting married and challenges all her lovers to race against death through the forest.

How great is the loneliness of a woman whose fatal destiny leads her to admiration, to dare to do things in which the society of her time does not understand or dare not see. it is Everyone wants but no one loves“, he left writing in his last book, Axis Mundi,

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