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An icon of Movida dies


Oca Lele’s death reactivates nostalgia for amphetamine-like times in Spanish culture

Barber, Oka Leele (1979).
  • interview in 2018 Oka Leele: “In the beginning, my mentors were ‘Penthouse’ and ‘Playboy'”

In 1979, Oka Leele It was called a brabara allende gil de biedma, and Madrid began to become a crowded party with no defined outline. At that time, a generation had begun to tremble, very bored, oblivious to the shed of dictatorship and with a desire to break down that fence of dictatorship and purity, inherited from a worn-out and dysfunctional Franco regime Was.

Among the boys and girls wanting to make something different was that Bien Family Photographer That I found some companions along the way with whom to concrete an undo location. Was a musician, painter, sculptor, comic book artist, seamstress, dressmaker, film director. Everything had to be done and that yellow-eyed young woman who was going to study fine arts changed direction, enrolled in a photography academy and started creating her own work that was unlike any other .

Brabara Allende Gil de Biedma joins the crew of the Cascoro factory, along with cartoonist Cecepe, photographer Alberto Garca-Alix, Montexo Algora, August and painter Jose Moreira El Hortelano. He took the name from one of his portraits with which he premiered in the early 80s, Oka Leele, a star invented in a fictional universe, And he established the perimeter of his work with a fictional title: domestic mysticism, And he began to explore the photographic image depicted with which he coined a beauty and a way of being in art.

What happens in Madrid? People wondered what would happen in the city where the urban tribes created a new landscape. Generations of photographers began to emerge. Women and men ready to fix everything between party and madness. Oca Lele, Alberto Garca-Lix, Pablo Prez Manguez, Gorca de Duo, Miguel Trillo or Mariv Ibarola They began to fix that moment. Most documented the creation of a real, new place and time. Oka lele, in the opposite direction, putting some pictures together, such as altarpieces, such as icons, such as prints of saints, something unexpected.

This condition of going down in his own alley had already appeared at his first personal exhibition in 1979. In the Redan Gallery in Madrid he hung a selection of these paintings, for which Oca Lele had made a crown of syringes and a comb of pencils, which he made from lemons. a headband, An iguana put on the model’s head, And on photographic paper he interfered with the colors of the flowers to make the image a happy dream of a happy world. Or so different that he might even be happy.

Opening day of the exhibition at Redan Gallery, Oka Lele I carried a dead pig on my head The man who intervened to fit the corpse with two light bulbs in the eye sockets that turned on and off in sequence with a single switch. That day I marked that this was going to be the most uneven of the Movida photos. And what was Movida? Go from house to house looking for coworkers to attend any concert at any time, any place.

For the first and last time, culture briefly replaced political rallies. It matters more that . what is a group of youth amphetamine that the glory between them was managed in the same way as death in an important ‘sprint’ of a few years, of which a handful of names, a few songs, a few photographic contacts and the fervent nostalgia of a time that led to another way of living encouraged, on a platform where taking drugs in public (sprinkled with subsidies) was part of the rite of passage of a hazy generation today. ok lile tha festive and clever painter Some days when not thinking or wanting was very beautiful. Often without continuity in the midst of a cultural artifact, she created a world of color as the progenitor of mourning that she would implement a few years after being part of the Never Lands census.

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