Out of over 2,200 people, PharmaMar president falsely vaccinated Kovid


Jose María Fernández Sousa-Faro is one of the names that appears in the network destroyed by the National Police in the Genre operation.

Jose Mara Fernández Sousa-Farr, President of Farmamar, in an archive image.
  • global pandemic A nurse and an assistant arrested in Madrid for blaming a network of false COVID passports

name of the Jose Mara Fernandez Sousa-FaroThe president of PharMamar is on the list of thousands of false vaccinations against the coronavirus in Spain, as confirmed by police sources and advanced el peridico de espa,

The chairman of the pharmaceutical company founded 36 years ago, which has made headlines for the effectiveness of its drug Aplidin against Covid, is one of more than 2,200 names on a list by the national police of wrongfully vaccinated against the disease.

Police job, known as Operation Jenner, This has been done in the National Immunization Registry instead of money and due to this the Kovid-19 False Passport Scheme has been abolished.

In addition to the inclusion of Fernández Sousa-Faro, the police list forwarded to the Madrid courts includes the names of others known as the artist. Omar Montes and Australian tennis players Lex de Meaur.

President of PharMamar, 76 years old and Bachelor of Chemistry and PhD in Biochemistry at Complutense University, was involved in a conspiracy to falsely vaccinate received the third dose of coronavirus vaccine.

As of October 25, 2021, people over 70 years of age, as part of their vaccination strategy, can receive a third dose of anticovid vaccine, as agreed by the Ministry of Health.

The conspiracy to prove false vaccination has been active till January this year since it was instituted in September 2021.

Operation zener The National Police also took the lead in dismantling the criminal network providing false COVID passports in the EU.

An investigation that led to the arrest of a nurse and an assistant as caretakers Fraudulently enter people into the National Immunization Registry.

he charged an amount Depending on whether the customer has requested registration of a single or multiple doses. Apart from this, two more people have been arrested Receive payments and act as intermediaries.

Police Operation Name zener in recognition of edward jennerEnglish physician and scientist who developed and is believed to have developed the first vaccine father of immunology

PharmaMar, present in Europe and the United States, is made up of 400 ProfessionalsAmong its values ​​is a “commitment and rigor with the science and with our project”, as reflected on its website.

Jose Mara Fernandez Sousa-FaroWhich was founded in 1986 PharmaMar is Professor in Biochemistry at Universit Complutense and Santiago de Compostela and holds a degree in Business Management by IESE in Madrid.

He has about 100 publications and patents in the fields of biochemistry, antibiotic and molecular biology.

One Over 35 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry In ICI-Pharma, Antibetics, Xeltia and Pharmamar.

According to data published on the company’s website, he was a member of the boards of directors of Antibiticos, Penibrica, Biolys, ICI-Pharma, Pescanova, Transfesa, Cooper-Zeltia, ICI-Zeltia and Banco Guipuzcoano.

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