Outrage in India over alleged gang rape of minor


The captives are the children of influential politicians in the region

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The alleged gang rape of five youths, many of whom are minors, by a minor from 17 There has been a lot of outrage in the country after learning that some of the people involved in this may be sons of eminent political leaders regional.

Police have till date arrested three alleged attackers, two of whom are minors, for raping a girl in a car after a party in a particular area of ​​the city. Hyderabadcentral state capital Telangana,

“So far, one defendant and two minors are in custody, and efforts are being made to arrest the remaining defendants,” local Inspector General of Police Joel David elaborated in statements collected by the newspaper.

The incident happened last week, when the girl was on her way home. in a partyPub in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods D Hyderabad.

Apparently, the young men insisted on accompanying her to her house, at which point they took advantage of the opportunity, in a secluded place, to gang-rape the car in which they were traveling, according to the Indian newspaper, which Quotes local police sources.

Images from multiple security cameras aired on local television showed the young woman leaving the pub with the youth and getting into a vehicle between the streets.Inco and six o’clock in the evening since last saturday

The alleged rape of the young woman sparked great social outrage when it became known that some of the people allegedly involved in the crime came from “politically influential” families in the state of Telangana.

Telangana Jail Minister Mohd Mahmood Ali said on Twitter: “This is a horrific incident. Strict action will be taken against all criminals, irrespective of their background.”

As per the latest data from the National Crime Records Agency (NCRB) of India, in 2020 the total 28,046 violations in the country asian, average from 77, In addition, the police identified 1,891 trafficked women.

India experienced an unprecedented series of protests against violence against women in late 2012Gangbang Of A College Girl On The Bus He later died in New Delhi from further serious injuries.

That case marked a first-and-after in the country and has since tightened laws against sexual assault, expediting the death penalty against some assailants, though many criticize that the measure is not enough. Huh.

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