Owners study measures to claim compensation from the state for rent-limiting rule

uncertainty in the sector


Thus they react to the words of Minister Raquel Sanchez, who yesterday opened the door to expanding a rule that limits price increases to 2% in annual reviews of contracts.

Rental signs in Madrid.
Rental signs in Madrid.Carlos Barjas

Homeowners are ready to go to the end against the government before a possible extension of the measure limiting rental price hikes to 2%. questionThe region’s employers’ union, which brings together more than 4,000 tenants large and small across the country, is considering taking legal action to claim compensation from the state for potential damages caused by rent interference.

words of the transport minister, Rachel Sanchez, yesterday he ended up clearing any doubts that the measure may have been in place since the measure came into force on March 31, when Pedro Sánchez’s executive launched it as part of his plan in the face of the economic impact of the war in Ukraine. did. during the inauguration Real Estate Exhibition of Madrid (SIMA), Sanchez opened the door for extending the range if inflation remains high until the date, which was due to end on June 30.

“We are analyzing the extent to which it should be maintained and it seems logical that, if there is no change in circumstances, especially in measures that have a marked social nature, This government maintains them”He said during his appearance at the fair. “Obviously the government will extend necessary measures to mitigate the negative impact of the crisis and the rise in prices,” he said.

The initiative to claim the share of the employers’ union of owners, of which the large holders are part, but also hundreds of individuals, and the idea is that other small landowners across the country can join that they feel distressed by the limit. “We like Automate a free complaint mechanism To seek the greatest possible number of adhesions”, explain the sources consulted. If the extension is confirmed, the measures will be filed immediately and point to the administration’s patriarchal responsibility. Be aware that these measures are susceptible to this. Claim. No one can be deprived of their rights without compensation and in this case the right to private property, among others, is at stake. This is to atone for oneself!”They give assurance.

On the one hand, owners are skeptical of the mechanism used to manipulate prices, as the government has opted for a royal decree law to temporarily amend the Urban Lease Act (LAU) and believe that Its extension should always be justified. On the other hand, he believes that it is a discriminatory rules and compare their position to other sectors such as fuel or electricity. They allege that the state participates in other existing aids such as fuel subsidies or electricity bonuses for vulnerable households, but still transfers its responsibility to private owners when it comes to housing. Sources consulted by EL Mundo say, “Forcible transfer of rent is being done between the landlord and the tenant, which is very discriminatory.”

As far as the amount claimed is concerned, the owners want to recover everything they anticipate they will stop paying during the period in which the rule is in force. According to a study conducted by Idealista real estate portal, That amount would be around 560 million euros If the intervention was only in force for three months, this is the amount landlords, whether big or small, are going to stop entering, who had to review their contracts between April 1 and June 30. Now, if the intervention is extended over time, those 560 million will increase proportionately and that amount, whatever it may be, will be the object of the claim.

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