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To be able to reach creators their account must be at least 18 years old and 1,000 followers

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For this, TikTok is super on Youtube How much time users spend consuming content per day. has already passed Facebook, Twitch or Instagram, So this statement is not too surprising. With the increase in maximum video time, now 10 minutes, and all the attention of the younger public, the ByteDance application has become the preferred form of entertainment for Internet users.

But TikTok was still missing a key element to not only attract the audience, but Also for genius: Ability to pay creators directly.

It will be possible from this week. On May 26, TikTok will open the beta phase of TikTok Live Subscriptions, a subscription service that will allow video makers to receive income from donations directly from their fans.

The service will not be much different from the service offered by other platforms, such as Twitch. for a fixed amount per month – which hasn’t been made public, but many creators point to getting around 4.99 Euro per month-, Fans who subscribe to a certain creator will have access to exclusive emoticons and stickers. Creators will be able to kick off the live stream and offer special skins in the chat tool exclusively for paying users.

To be able to reach the creators they have at least 18 to 1,000 followers in his account. To be able to subscribe, however, users would also have to be of legal age, which takes up a significant share of the market in networks with such a young audience. The company will keep 30% of the income, A normal commission in these services.

The new monetization tool seemed inevitable. Talent is scarce on large social platforms and in order to gain audiences, companies have to strive to find and retain the best creators. Until now, YouTube had the advantage of being a large advertising market, but analysts estimate that TikTok will become the dominant platform in 2024.

Twitch or Instagram have tried to entice big creators in recent months by offering incentive programs with cash payments in exchange for receiving a specific number of views or rewarding the periodicity of their publications. However, the inertia seems to be in favor of TikTok, which is already 1 billion active users per month Despite having a much smaller network than its competitors.

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