Partizan’s unprecedented measure against his hooligans: it pulls out of the Serbian league playoffs


Embarrassed by the events of the Adriatic League final against Red Star, Obradovic’s team will not play again this season. “We have reasonable suspicion that another chain between the two will become another area for threats.”

Obradovic, during a game this season.
Obradovic, during a game this season.eurocup

Sadly, the images weren’t new. “I beg the fans not to do these things and let the opposing team play. This image will be released to the world and in a few days it will spread across Europe. What will they say about us then?” eljko Obradovic, Partizan fans took the violence to such an extent that the third game in the Adriatic League final against Red Star Alexander Nikolik Hall had to stop the referee. A week later, the Belgrade team has taken an unprecedented step in their fight against the hooligans: not playing in the Serbian league playoffs.

“Our season is over,” Partizan Nis announced emphatically yesterday. “Despite all warnings from the two clubs, five matches were filled with incidents that jeopardized the safety of players and coaches. Those incidents led to a partial and complete closure of the pavilion, several fines and major penalties for the club.” Embarrassed. Serbian basketball in front of the whole world,” the statement details.

The team in which the great Obradovic returned last summer lost the ABA on Monday – giving Red Star a ticket to continue in the EuroLeague – and the Serbian league gave itself the last chance to win its reborn title this season. . Because they also failed in the Eurocup in which they started as favorites thanks to reinforcements like Kevin Punter, Zach Lede, Alain Smelajic or former Madrid player Tristan Vuevi,

“With this act, we want to send the message that the club does not want to be part of felony parties, whether they are fans of Red Star or fans of Partizan. We have reasonable doubts that there will be another final series between the two. And will become the ground for the thugs who destroy our game, which will lead us to yet another terrifying message sent to the world”, reads the emphatic note from Partizan. Objects, firecrackers, flares and other acts of violence were to be thrown during the ABA playoffs. A chaos caused that in the third, the referee decided to go to the locker room with 57 seconds to play and ordered the removal of part of the Partisan stand. After 20 minutes the game started again.

Despite not achieving it through play, Partizan, the 1992 European champion with Obradovi, tripled by Jordjevi against Joventut, intends to return to the EuroLeague and selects one of the wild cards that predictably Will leave vacancies of Russian teams. “We wish Belgrade and Serbia to have two representatives in the EuroLeague. However, a certain number of individuals who behave like this and miss opportunities to punish them will not get us where we want to be,” the club admits. , who will not go face-to-face in the semi-finals in FMP.

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