Patazetta, Spanish Rap’s Big Hit


The 24-year-old Canarian artist has just signed a contract with the American record company Interscope, where Lady Gaga or Eminem is located.

Patzetta signs for Interscope, the greatest hits of Spanish rap | interview
  • Confusion Ptazeta: “They camouflage our eyes with a progression that doesn’t exist”
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Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, Lana Del Rey …more patazetta, canarian artist More recently, American record label Interscope has joined the ranks Just two years after self-publishing his first songs. So don’t cover half of your forehead with snake tattoos and make a living working in a bar “12 hours for 50 euros”.

“I was moved by the vibes and felt a little different knowing their offices and their people. It is one of the most important labels in the world and was born in the cradle of rap. It has people like Eminem or Kendrick Lamar in it and that’s impressive to me.“A few hours before we travel to Los Angeles, he tells us to make the contract official with a label that also includes Catalan Bad Gyal.

He is precisely one of his musical idols. “I heard it before I started singing,” he admits, “but I’m going to my ball. I want to see myself neither in him nor in Rosala. I want to be a great, but above all, that my name be respected,

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Angel Navarrete

Zuleima Gonzalezzo -That’s his name- Comes into the newsroom with his tongue hanging out. He is in the middle of a move to Madrid, where he does not have a home of his own and is occupying a rental apartment for the season. A strategy that allows him to escape to his islands every now and then a few days off.

Ptazeta’s career (1998) is another example of the change that the music industry has made thanks to platforms such as Spotify, YouTube or social networks. his single maternal uncle, in which he sings for a woman, was born in a small home studio and went viral at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Since then its success has only grown.

Spain or Colombia are countries that I have colonized. i need more

Accumulate Nearly three million monthly listeners, has several double platinum records hanging on the walls and has even starred in an advertising campaign for a popular beer brand. For this reason, he believed the contract with a Spanish multinational was about to be cut short.

“I want more projection. For the people of the United States to listen to my songs and decide whether they like them or not, but for them to reach out to them. So far we have worked well with our team. Spain or Colombia are countries that I have colonized. i need more“, he says of the main purpose he seeks with agreement.

I’ll also admit that there’s a lot of access to Song Camp that has Continue Learning and Training as a MusicianThe part that he likes the most in all his work.

Angel Navarrete

In this new phase, he says, confusion and vertigo intertwine. ,I’ve always had that run run, for fear of whether the respect for my work is going to knock my door every time, So we’re pleased with all the points that we signed on. for me The important thing is not to lose my rap or trapwhatever you want to call it, and it’s obvious to them”.

His music sits on two pillars. on the one hand, a sound that combines rap and latin rhythm who lived with him all his life in Gran Canaria. a personal stamp in which he has played a relevant role gamblerTheir producers, they say, will stick with them.

I sing for people of the same gender and I feel proud. It’s not just a cultural movement, it’s a movement of my people

On the other hand, they’ve never hidden it He likes women and this is something he shows in his songs without resorting to double meanings, Plus, he thinks it’s one of the values ​​he can bring to Interscope.

“I sing for people of the same sex. I have a pull out and am proud. It’s not just a cultural movement, it’s a movement of my people, The group exists and I am part of it,” he says.

It is her purpose to normalize that one woman sings for another which she carries as a flag. He has already performed it in his collaboration with the Argentinean producer. beard in criminal, a topic he published half a year ago and which has garnered 66 million views on YouTube. In the song, in addition to showing “fronting”—that is, hesitating about himself—she issues phrases such as: “That aunt is the best, she doesn’t have a picket / She has a good picket / And there’s no tiger for that wild girl / Compare her to that donkey”,

,I can’t do anything I know I’m going to get a lot of exposure without sending my message, And now it will be so. I’m going to move on with it,” she says. Of course, she admits she doesn’t want to feel like the leader of the movement.

“I always fight with myself because I’m proud they notice me, but I don’t want to champion anything, It has to be done by those who know about it, who have studied about it. I can make mistakes and I want that to be always clear.”

Angel Navarrete

Another flag he supports and claims is the Canary Islands. He is one of the island artists who have led the music charts in Spain in recent years. There are names like Don Patricio, Machel Delacalle, Danny Romero hey quevedo,

“We are eating Canary Spain”she says proudly. “I think it’s time for them to say ‘Fuck it, there are people out there who do it like a bastard’. It was necessary to look more towards the Canary Islands. I felt a bit like they didn’t take us into account. And I’m not talking about multinationals, I’m talking about artist to artist, I think we have a free ear. In Madrid we hear a lot more pop and in Las Palmas we go more into the Latin vein. With this we can add. But you’re already looking after yourself and you’re not talking about anything other than a canary, be careful!”.

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